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    Help..brown dust every day! New Salt water pool

    Help...what could this brown dust be and how to get rid of it? I have a brand inground new pool with a salt water filtration system it has been open for 4 weeks. The water is crystal clear and chemicals/salt lever good. I have a sandstone liner and in the shallow end you can really see...
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    water fountain with a boster pump and effect on pool water temperatures

    Hi...I have just installed my 16×36 inground pool :). I was considering a floating water fountain for aesthetics and sound. I have read it reduces water temp, and that is the last thing I want to do. I live in the north east and I am running a heater to maintain temps. another question..I have...
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    water feature options

    I am in the middle of my build and I added a plumbing line from the pump so I can add a future water feature. I had wanted sheer decent spill over however my PB doesn't recommend this type of water feature without a separate pump. any ideas what type of water feature would work off main pump?
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    Gray steps rather than white?

    Hi... I have just chosen a tan sandstone liner for my new pool, I was considering gray or gray granite steps rather than white. Curious if any one has this combination or pictures of gray steps..
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    gray installed steps with tan liner

    hi I have chosen a tan sandstone liner now I'm considering gray installed steps. anyone have photos of gray or gray granite installed steps. I though it would be a nice look