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    hard pipe hookups

    So I got my hard piping done, but with the curve of the pool, it put stress on the threading.... So how do you handle this?? Return line, 1st hookup on the pool
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    Ok I need some help, odd water loss??

    So I went out and checked the pool today (only been up 2 days, and have another issue, anyway) and the pool level dropped A TON see pic... only thing I can figure it came from the pump (wasn't ran) look at the pics and tell me what you think?? You can see where it came from (dirt trail) and...
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    SWG and water hardness???

    So a handful of years ago with our 16' round I tried out a SWG system.. seemed to work ok.. but after a little while, my diode that makes the gas was getting deposits on it pretty quick.. (seemed like i was cleaning it 2 or 3 times a week) Any ideas??? I just fill up from city water (we are...
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    SO how much is to much??? Leveling??

    So rented a transit laser level, got my blocks all leveled out... Come to find out I am a little farther off grade then I thought I was.. a few of the blocks are about 2" higher than the insulation sheeting I have under the pool... Is this a huge issue, or are the blocks more important (ok NM...
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    Raising Legs

    So I went and did a search... but only 1 I found that really covered it.. The pics arent working:mad: So anyone have any other links that might work?? I do MUCH better with pictures lol I only have 3 maybe 4 legs that need raised... vs trying to lower all the others
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    Cutting in a Hayward skimmer existing hole..

    SO I know it has been covered a bunch, but I cant find what I am looking for searching. Anyone had any luck adding one of these to an existing hole?? Last year I enlarged the inlet/outlet holes to bigger fittings. This year I want to add the skimmer, to where the return is (higher on wall)...
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    Just to be sure numbers check

    So i studied a TON last year, and of course as it does you loose a bit :) So have had the pool open for a few weeks now, so i decided to check my numbers (I am assuming the test kit sitting in the garage sealed is still good from last year??) Heres the numbers.. TA 90 CYA less then 20 CH...
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    Ok guys got my kit....

    Did the mad scientist thing, with the aide of my daughter, who at 12 liked the color changes, and liked watching/helping with the basic 2 tube test... SO here we go..... 16X48 Above Ground, been up a week now, tried the SWG, and I dont think its going to work, because my Calcium is probably to...
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    Anyone ever had to TWEAK there pool frames??

    So it seems I should have gone with my gut (but was rushing) and cut boards to put under each leg....but I didnt :( So now i am having a few settle into the dirt, and getting the wave formed in my frames... So has anyone had any luck "jacking" up a leg to put something under it, while full...
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    SWG with hard water..switch back

    Ok so I dont hi-jack the other guys thread about switching back to using chem vs machine :D So I am wondering if due to my extra high hardness of water, if using the SWG is just not going to work like i thought.... I cleaned off the cells last night, and cranked up the boost....(and really it...
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    New pool owner...HEEELLLP lol

    Ok so bare with me as I am trying to learn the ins and outs here.....I have read my guts out, but am still perplexed... So last night and then right now, I tested....with the dunk strip FC 3 and .5 PH 6.8 both TA 120...but kinda dark so maybe 140.. and Hardness is out of the park 1000....we...