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    Installing inground pool liner for 18x36

    Has anybody installed their own pool liner? For inground pool. I have watched a lot of videos and it doesn't seen all that bad. Can anyone that has done it give me any advise that you would think would help. Errors you made, how not to make errors ect... Is it possible, can it be done?? A...
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    1.5 HP pump

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can help me. Last year I noticed my pump was cracked. So we bought new one without noting the size of the old one. Stupid I know. I have a slide that requires water pressure to work. It worked perfectly before the pump change over. I bought a 1.5HP pump. The...
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    Pool slide inground pool

    Does anyone know what would cause my slide not to have enough pressure to push water up slide? I'm wondering if I replaced the pump with the wrong size. It used to work with old pump.
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    Just getting started in opening a green pool. New to this method

    Hello everyone I took my cover off last weekend and started the process. I purchased the TF-100 test kit and here are my numbers FC 6.5 CC 1 CYA didn't show up on my test so I assume Zero. When I mixed the drops with the water it never turned cloudy and never covered the black dot on bottom of...
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    Pool will not clear, greenish blue!

    I have thrown many many gallons of bleach in and it just won't clear up. I just got my test kit and found out I have zero calcium in my pool! Is this my problem and what is the easiest solution? I have inground 20/40 , sand filter pool. It did start out very very green, and full of leaves.