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    Chlorine orange

    So I have a tf100 but got away from checking it myself and hubby told pool boy son to keep putting three tri chlor tabs in chlorinate every time running low. Now pool chlorine is well over 20. Maybe higher. I Haven’t done anything but a basic oh test which now shows 6.8. Yikes. Not sure if other...
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    Target TA in app doesn’t match good TA in kit

    Hi I bought a kit at the end of last season and after frustration with pool sales shops made up my mind to learn this all on my own with your help. My pool was opened by the pool company and three days have passed. My numbers are FC 11. PH 7. TA120 (it was starting to change to pink at 110) CH...
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    Super high ta and normal ph

    So we have been fighting a bit of algae and a pump problem that was finally repaired yesterday. Oir 18,000 gallon pool isn’t totally green but the floor of the pool dusts up green. The chlorine is at 5 or more and doesn’t change after waiting and we kept it high while pump broken to fight more...