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    First time closing pool

    Hi. Thanks for all the help during my first pool season here in NY. I am trying to start closing my pool. I plan to use a recommended pool guy even though I maintained the pool myself with some help from TFP. Closing seems pretty complex. I want to make sure mister pool guy doesnt mess up my...
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    Proper Lever position

    Lever got moved by accident. I want to make sure it is in the correct position. Here is a pic. The pump is top right corner. Thanks
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    Gvo error on raypak 2100 heater

    What do I do about a gvo is gas valve open error? Thanks
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    Weir door placement

    Please help me put in my weir door correctly?
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    Inline Chlorinator-Remove?

    If I have an inline chlorinator but plan on using liquid chlorine to be put in the pool manually, is there a need to remove the chlorinator or can I just turn it to zero. It is a Hayward model but I am not certain exactly which. Thanks
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    Refilling pool

    I need to empty and refill a portion of my pool due to excess cya. I will not be able to perform maintenance on the pool from sundown Friday until sundown on Saturday. Is it better to wait until then or start the process now and take a break for 24 hours?
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    No chlorine

    New pool owner here. I opened my pool a week and a half ago and was following pool store advice. My tf 100 test kit just came and no chlorine is showing up. How should I proceed?
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    Raypak heater not starting

    First time pool owner here. Bought a house with a pool. I’m having difficulty with my heater. It turns on and says all and I here sparking but it doesn’t seem to ignite. Additionally that gray knob to turn it on and off inside the machine doesn’t seem to turn off. I’m not sure of the exact...