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  1. abradleydvm

    Calcium Deposits Despite Excellent CSI

    Hello all ... I have had an excellent CSI and been balancing my water with TFP methods since last August . I recently in the last month have used acid to get the calcium deposits off my spa waterfall and they reappeared fairly fast ( with in a couple of weeks ) Any advice ?
  2. abradleydvm

    1st time adding calcium chloride

    Hi everyone . I need to add chlorine and I added calcium chloride tonight (See pool math .) My CSI is pretty low and so I read on one TFP post that I can adjust my chlorine before the 24 hour wait time suggested without the risk of clouding if CSI is less than zero . I have maintained my pool...
  3. abradleydvm

    Adjusting ph advice

    Hi all ... I’m not sure I should have adjusted from 8-7.5 ( I think I read slow adjustments are best ) but I did and now it’s caused my CSI to be low . I have a fountain and so ph climbs on its own . It’s also raining and I’m wondering if it’s not a big deal and I I just wait and retest ph...
  4. abradleydvm

    CYA Standard testing

    Below are picks of my standard testing ... I can still see the dot very clearly at 50 .... I used the standard as pool sample and mixed R-0013 accordingly ... thoughts?
  5. abradleydvm


    I have looked and can not find where bookmarked threads are located ... I had marked one and now I can’t find it ... thanks in advance .
  6. abradleydvm

    Variation in Chlorine drop test results (TF-100 kit)

    I have been testing frequently while transitioning from tabs to bleach . I am getting variation in results .... yesterday 7.5. , 10.5,9,9.5 and today I did two 5.5 and 7 .... I use a healing scoop but some are bigger than others ... does this affect the results ? I used same spot in pool but...
  7. abradleydvm

    cal hyp in place of calcium chloride to increase CH

    What is the maximum amount you can add at one time ? I was told by the “ pool guy” at Leslie’s no more than 24oz at a time and dilute in 5 gallon bucket and mix well before putting in and brush pool bottom afterwards . Pool math said o need 56 oz and I would like to put it all in if it’s safe...
  8. abradleydvm

    Getting ready to drain / exchange water and start liquid chlorine instead of trichlor

    Hello all , I will attach pics of my pool equipment and pool . My pool is a sports pool with 3 1/2 foot on each end with 5 1/2 in middle . Questions : 1.) Based on my equipment can I do water exchange with my pool pump and a hose or do I need a separate pump ? If so do I hook hose up and...
  9. abradleydvm

    Need pool test recommendations

    Hello everyone ... quick history : built pool in August 2018 and it stays open year round . This is our first full summer with the pool . It has been crystal clear since install ( except white calcium looking deposits on spa fountain stone ) with weekly dip strips and monthly water samples to...