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  1. 1henrypool

    Hayward heat pump

    Hello, im confused about how the heat pump works. I have my filter pump set to run 10 hours a day. If I turn my heat pump on amd leave it on-it does not have a timer function- can it stay on daily and will it just turn on and off when the filter pump starts and stops? not sure if i’m making...
  2. 1henrypool

    Hayward AquaRite 900 - NEW OWNER

    Hello, I'm a first time SWG owner, we added 400lbs of salt yesterday, following all instructions and today I have to turn on the SWG after the 24 hr cycle of the salt. It is off right now with a number in the little screen of 2800. 1.Do I set it to AUTO or SUPER CHLORINATE? 2. When should I...
  3. 1henrypool

    HELP! Too much water in the pool

    Hello! Am a newbie when it comes to IG pool equipment. We had a bad storm yesterday in Jersey and my pool is about to overflow, more rain coming today. Am in the middle of construction and still have lots of dirt. This is what my system looks like. Do i have to trun off to let the water put...
  4. 1henrypool

    Looking for recommendation: IG robotic/automatic pool cleaner :)

    Hello, My IG pool is almost done in construction and I am looking to purchase an automatic cleaner. we have a rectangular 16*32 vinyl, 8ft deep Any suggestions will be appreciated Thanks! P