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  1. Fun4Life67

    Expecting a lot of rain from sally

    We are expecting to get several inches of rain from hurricane Sally starting tomorrow. Should I drain some water from my above ground pool or just let it run over?
  2. Fun4Life67


    My ph has been running 7.4 and i have been keeping my fc at 7.We haven''t swam in it until today. First time we were in it. I put 2 quarts of chlorine in it at noon before we started swimming. At 7 i went to check ph and fc. Ph is yellow. So its too low, not even on the chart. Fc was at 6. Ta...
  3. Fun4Life67


    Do i need to check combined chlorine evetyday?
  4. Fun4Life67

    Muriatic Acid

    I just put my chlorine in. My ph was 110. I need it to come down to 70. I need to add muriatic acid. How long should i wait after putting in chlorine to put in muriatic acid? I have ph down. Its dry. I need to mix 24 oz in a bucket of water.
  5. Fun4Life67

    How to read CYA test

    Im doing the CYA test for the first time. I know to watch for the black dot to disapear. But should it be completely gone or just starting to disappear. If i can just barely see it then its not disapeared yet. Ive done the test a couple of times and im getting different readings. First time 60...
  6. Fun4Life67

    Sahara Dust Storm

    Im filling up my pool for the first time. I have about 25" in it right now. This Sahara dust storm is supposed to be coming in a couple of days. Is it going to put a bunch of dust in my pool? Should I do anything about that? Should I be concerned? Im in the Charlotte NC area.
  7. Fun4Life67

    Drainage around pool

    The graders were here yesterday and did the grading. I have a sloped back yard. On one side of the pool the yard will be about 2 feet high maybe a couple inches more. They will be here on monday to install the pool. If they install the pool real close to that high side i think water will go down...
  8. Fun4Life67

    Getting Started

    Hello everybody. Im excited, I bought my first pool a week ago. I live in Nc. They called today to schedule grading for June 9th. I was told after they set up the pool i would have to back fill around the pool with dirt to keep the sand from washing out from underneath. I do have a slope in my...