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  1. njwaves

    Solar blanket Questions

    Moved from here. I am looking to try a solar cover for the first time. My understanding was that a solar cover would help to heat the pool a little in addition to its main benefit of retaining heat, and that thicker was better (e.g. 16 mil vs 8 mil). Point well taken about it needing to be...
  2. njwaves

    Pool Opening - Green with Issues

    Opened a very dark green pool this year. Probably had some unresolved issues at closing. After adding algaecide (28oz of Poly 60) and chlorine (liquid from carboys), and vacuuming and brushing several times over the last few days, the shallow end is getting clear, but the deep end is still...
  3. njwaves

    CYA Product Question

    My CYA level has dropped to zero over the winter. Just bought 4lbs of hth stabilizer & conditioner for $15. Active ingredient is 96% cyanuric acid. I thought I remember paying more at the pool store last year. Is this the right stuff? I think my pool is about 20,000 gal. Thanks, Jim
  4. njwaves

    Need a Pool Cover Solution for Free Form Pool

    I'm trying to figure out a good solution for heating my pool this summer. I have a gas heater, but didn't find it very effective last year. Tried it a few times and only raised the temp a few degrees over the course of many hours as I recall. I ran it overnight once, again with only a small...
  5. njwaves

    I purchased a test kit

    I purchased a test kit today. Wanted one right away, so I got the "Test Kit Residential Complete" (#18576) at Leslie's for $40.99. I intended to get the one I saw on their website for $49.99 but they were out. The store said the only difference between what I got and the one for $49.99 was that...
  6. njwaves

    My trip to the pool store and how to implement BBB

    After taking the cover off last week, starting the pump and vacuuming about 60% of the dirt off the bottom, the pool is starting to look good. So far I've only added bleach (about 6 large jugs of 6%, about 1 a day). Took a sample to Leslie's and here are the numbers: Free Available Chlorine...