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  1. poolhound

    Stenner Pump White Stuff

    I just replaced my liner (looks great) and started up the filter to balance water chemistry. I turned on my Stenner Pump (3GPD) to run full time and marked the bleach level in the tank. When I checked 12 hrs later the tank level had not changed. T unhooked the output tubing, turned the pump on...
  2. poolhound

    Stenner 45MHP2 Pump Install

    I am ready to order a Stenner Pump to upgrade my bleach addition system from the Liquidator. Is there an advantage to upgrade the supplied tubing from 1/4" to 3/8"? I will go with the black tubing but do not understand what difference the tubing size will make. Also, I'm planning on reusing the...
  3. poolhound

    Why does my Dolphin float?

    When I leave my M400 in the pool it is on the bottom and when I come out the next morning it's floating. I get in and turn it several ways, sideways and upside down, til no more bubbles come out and it sinks to the bottom. Next day it's floating again. Anyone had the same experience and has...
  4. poolhound

    Dolphin M400/M500 Remote Control

    I just purchased the Dolphin M400 and after one use I am very happy. I did not get the optional Remote because I didn't think I would use it. I now think it would be nice to have to get the cleaner over to the steps to take it out (I'm not as strong nor flexible as I used to be). The M500 Remote...
  5. poolhound

    Liner Bead Tears

    This is an example of several bead tears I have. The liner is 10 years old. Is there anything I can do to stop the tear from propogating?
  6. poolhound

    Liquidator losing prime + found flow indicator

    I have been using the liquidator for 4 years with only minor problems. My 1/4" tubing has begun cracking and I decided to upgrade to 3/8" while replacing the tubing. My Liquidator, filter and pump are above the water level of my IG pool and I have had (rare) problems of the LQ outlet (connected...
  7. poolhound

    Polaris 360 swallows tail

    My Polaris 360 has started "swallowing its tail" 2 out of 3 times I run it. It works fine otherwise and would do this only 1 out of 20 times before. I cant think of any changes I have made. Anyone else have a hungry 360?
  8. poolhound

    PH Reagent conversion

    I mistakenly purchased a bottle of Taylor PH reagent R-0004 instead of R-0014. The R-0004 must be for a larger test sample than used for my R-0014. Does anyone know what size test sample is used for the R-0004 reagent? I hate to throw anything away and I'm very cheap.