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  1. whoozer

    Filter issue

    So I went to open my inground pool this season and apparently forgot to turn a valve leading in the explosion of the pipe assembly outlet. I have a clean and clear Plus Pentair CCP320 cart filter. So I called around and it looks like I am looking at 140$ just to replace this one part. I have...
  2. whoozer

    Diverter valve and pipe broken

    So I started trying to decide about changing my filter and ultimately decided to try harder this year with my chemistry instead of plunging into changing a filter and spending all of that $. So as I was inspecting my pool and getting ready to open it I realized that a two way valve and pipe was...
  3. whoozer

    Total frustration with my filter

    So every year I battle with my start up of my pool and this year shall be no different I'm sure. I have a freeform 14x33 pool. Tough to calculate gallons on the pool calculator as free form is not an option. Based on rectangular it is 18k gallons but I know it is not. I have a pentair 4 speed...
  4. whoozer

    completely dismayed...just stopped working

    I have a fiberglass 14k gallon fiberglass pool about 6 years old. I had a hayward super pump and filter on the pool and it could hardly keep up. I had another pump and filter system from another house and I did a switch out. Bear in mind my plumbing skills are rudamentary at best. The new pump...
  5. whoozer

    Hair line crack in fiberglass..pic

    So I was out at the pool and I came across this crack in the fiberglass by the seats on the deep end. It is hairline at best doesn't seem to move when I touch around it. Should I try sealing it with something? edited sorry forgot the pic!
  6. whoozer

    AA treatment, how long before you can swim?

    I am gearing up towards doing an AA treatment on my pool after a horrible algae fight. My kids are driving me nuts, it has taken 6 weeks to clean thus far. How long after doing a treatment before you can swim?
  7. whoozer

    Zodiac G4 doesn't

    Ok so got my new cartridge today and put it in and my psi went down to 9.....whohoo, so now I want to put in my zodiac and let it do it's 600$+ job. Well I primed it as usual, tried using direct plumb line and skimmer plate line and no go! So then I even changed the tubing to see if the tubing I...
  8. whoozer

    How hard to fix a blue pearl?

    I have come across a bot that needs fixing on the internet. Replacing an impeller motor, how hard are these things to fix if your pretty mechanically savvy? I'm trying to decide if this model is worth picking up broken and fixing it myself to save $. Any thoughts?
  9. whoozer

    Turbotwister Pool Slide for Sale in SC

    So long story short, my home was pending sale, they didn't want pool so I got my equip back. My pool at my other house is too small for this slide and I need the money. I paid 3400$ for the slide and see you can get one now for in the mid to high 2's. I am selling this one used for 2 seasons for...
  10. whoozer

    Antibacterial cartridges fact or myth

    So I am on a no win battle with my pool as one of 2 of my carts is bad and I need a new one. Question: I saw some carts that are more $ that tote "antibacterial" is this something that would be worth the extra$ or just an expensive colored cart? Anyone use one?
  11. whoozer

    Opened pool after 3 years of being closed.

    So I moved back into my home that has been empty for 3 years. The pool has been shut down for that long as well. Upon opening it I was greeted to a very foul smelling black pool. I proceeded to drain half of the pool water as it is a fiberglass pool. I then set up a impromptu pump to circulate...
  12. whoozer

    Need guidance on replacement pool equipment

    I have gone back and forth a number of times and researched til my eyes are crossed. I have a 14500 gallon fiberglass pool. It was a kit when I bought it and it came with a Hayward Super pump 1HP self priming pump and the Hayward Star clear plus cartridge filter. I have had repeated issues with...
  13. whoozer

    Solar powering pool

    I have searched the topics and seen alot of people using solar to heat their pool but what about powering their pool? Has anyone set up a solar system to power the pump filter etc? Electricity just skyrocketed here and it is costing me 50$+ a month to run my pool. Was wondering if there is an...
  14. whoozer

    Just want to thank TFP for the great online support

    I have been a member since before my build started last year. TFP was with me every step of the way and gave me some great advice. I have learned so much in this past year about pools...I'm starting to feel more of an advanced novice status now :) The one thing I am MOST thankful for is the...
  15. whoozer

    Unable to access TFP from

    I am getting back into the forum after a furlo and was having a lot of difficulty accessing the site from I used 3 different computers and it just wouldn't load. Any idea why?
  16. whoozer

    Intellichlor help!

    Ok so I have gotten back from vacation and am trying to get this salt system working right. The intellichlor is reading low but my aquacheck test strips say 3800ppm. I have reset the circuit for the intellichlor but nothing has happened. I also noticed that the light for the staus of the cell is...
  17. whoozer

    Flying Red ants and biting water bugs!!!!Help

    So has anyone ever had a problem with flying red ants committing mass suicide in your pool? I literally have hundreds of these things in my pool dying every 30minutes. I scoop them out, kill them turn around and the pool is full of them again..... :rant: What is going on??? Also we had 2 water...
  18. whoozer

    Deck Drains Anyone???

    So one major design flaw with my new pool I'm finding is the drainage issue. I keep having washout from under the cement where we put new dirt. It seems here in SC in the Midlands there is no such thing as a simple rain we get torrential downpours with very quick flooding and washout issues...
  19. whoozer

    New Water Test Need Council from the Gurus Before I start!

    Ok I tested my tap and am very close to having the pool ready for chemicals. This is my tap test guide me if I'm wrong please this is still iffy for me for some things the salt is the big one. Here goes: FC=0 should I bring it to 4? add 178oz of 6% bleach Ph=6.8 bring it to 7.4 by adding 222oz...
  20. whoozer

    Need a good clear concrete sealant with antislip??

    So I was searching the site for info on a concrete sealer. I couldn't find anything. Anyone know of one with specifics like how long it takes to dry. How long it lasts etc. I also need some antislip. There are some spots I found around my pool that are very slippery. I have little ones so that...
  21. whoozer

    Vacation home pool nightmare!!!!!

    So I have a dilemna. I have a fiberglass pool in my home in Maine. It has been shut down for almost 1 year now, because I've moved 1100miles away. I Recently had a family member go and check on it. He found a pond literally! Lots of frogs a couple of water snakes. I shutter at the thought. Now I...
  22. whoozer

    Getting an early start

    So I'm at least 3 weeks out before I get water in my new pool. I tested my water from the hose and the results are as follows: PH-6.8 CL-0 TA-80 CH-60 I have few questions- 1. Do I wait for a complete fill before starting with chemicals...
  23. whoozer

    To intellichlor or not to.....

    So I have read a lot of threads and I was just wondering if the kinks have been worked out of the intellichlor systems?? I bought the PS8 automation system and it is about 700$ cheaper if I go with the intellichlor instead of using a pool pilot. Any thoughts or warnings would help me bite the...
  24. whoozer

    Where do I find Umbrella sockets????

    I'm looking to purchase umbrella sockets to put in my concrete to accept umbrellas around my pool. I've seen a few pools with them but cannot find them anywhere. Any ideas?
  25. whoozer

    (newbies)Everyone with pool imbalance....Must Read this!!!!

    I know that alot of the stickies post this info but I figured it might help to start a thread to help out the newbies. I myself am a newbie and have learned a ton about everything pool from TFP....lots still to learn. When starting out before you freak cause your pool is purple,green, black or...
  26. whoozer

    Which vinyl liner is better?????

    What is the major difference in the mils for liners? Is a 20 mil ok and is it much different than a 27 mil?
  27. whoozer

    New IG pool build start to finish!

    I'm somewhat new to this forum. I'm going to post my pool build start to finish.Both good and bad. We'll see if it helps anyone else learn from whatever mistakes I'm sure I'll make :roll: This first pic is the bare ground. Wish me Luck! Time line: Dec-March - deciding which PB to go with...
  28. whoozer

    Nasty Brown stuff/ spa doesn't seem to be filtering!!!

    Well I have a four winns spa that has been a nightmare since it arrived on my door step but that is another story. It is about 450 gallons and seats 6 comfortably. I use the soft soak products and I am concerned that I'm always "relaxing" with floaties and lots of them. The filter doesn't seem...
  29. whoozer

    Pool closed for 1 year what do I do????

    Ok so I have a new issue unrelated to my upcoming pool build in SC. I have a home in Maine that has a freeform fiberglass IG pool. It is 15x33ft and 3 1/2 on shallow and 7 or so on the deep. I moved out of the home in July of 07 and closed the pool down. Blew out the lines antifreeze the whole...
  30. whoozer

    How to cool an IG pool????Help!

    I am in the process of designing my new pool. I have everything I want and I'm somewhat budgeted out but.... I realized I may have an issue in SC keeping the temps of my pool down. Help me please. What can I incorporate into my pool that will help with temps? Does a pool slide help to cool water...