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  1. umpalumpajay

    A way to check output of SWG?

    so I've had a problem with the chlorinator not producing enough chlorine pretty much since summer started. I cranked it up from 40% for 6 hours in the beginning of the summer to 80% for 12 hours and it still didn't keep up. called jandy and they said it should be doing fine in that its rated...
  2. umpalumpajay

    Having to crank up my salt cell...a little TOO much?

    So for the past few month i've been crankin' along at what i established was the right number for my cell at 40% to keep me in the right zone - we had a big party Memorial Day (especially for my pool size) and woke up to pretty much 1-2ppm even after i pre-loaded with chlorine to 7-8 to bump it...
  3. umpalumpajay

    iAqualink temp calibration?

    so it's finally heating up a bit in Southern California. My iAqualink app reports that my pool is 83.....BUT my heater says the pool is 81. I believe the heater since you can really feel the difference. I had a party a couple weeks ago and heated to 80 via aqua link, and it felt chilly, now I...
  4. umpalumpajay

    Is this chemical the same as the regent used in the Taylor CYA test?

    I know its probably not, but it caught my eye with the quantity - since i was in there to just buy a taylor 2.0oz refill of 0013 - this seemed kinda awesome - but the taylor one doesnt say what chemical it is. The blue devil stuff says its Sodium Acetate and Melamine.
  5. umpalumpajay

    **update** Going out of town for a couple of longer business trips...and,

    I was going to hire someone when i first got on to this site freaking out a bit, now pretty much everything is balanced, other than a >.1/day Ph change i deal with every few days. So i just taught my wife to run the 2 basic tests - Ph and Chlorine. she didn't seem thrilled about it, but i...
  6. umpalumpajay

    lava rock size???

    I have the smaller lava rock for my natural gas fire pit and I think it's clogging the holes on my gas holes. Thinking of switching to large lava rock or a combo to get them all pumping flame. Any thoughts?
  7. umpalumpajay

    Remove Nature2 cartridge?

    My PB installed the Aquapure AND the Nature2 - of course, i had NO idea what the heck the Nature2 did other than the PB told me it would keep things looking great with very little chlorine. when the cartridge runs out, im not replacing it. I'll tell you the Aquapure 1400 makes 23.5g of...
  8. umpalumpajay

    SWG Math - warning....this is for geeks.

    Does a SWG make 100% chlorine? Basically, in trying to figure out what to set my SWG% at, i over analyzed this thing to a bizarre level (i like math a little). Of course, i used trial and error but ended up very close to what my math told me. Aquapure Salt Water Chlorine Gen @100% makes...
  9. umpalumpajay

    Chlorine/Fishy Smell

    I've read a bunch of "smell" posts and some say to SLAM, others say its nothing. I've smelled this slight fish smell on and off for probably the last 2 months, pool is only maybe 4 months old. i just catch a whiff of it every so often. water has been super clear and levels are rockin'...
  10. umpalumpajay

    Diverter for The Pool Cleaner?

    Been reading some stuff about vacuums and someone mentioned a diverter was possibly slowing their cleaner down because of the settings. Okay, I plugged mine right into the vacuum line, just hose into vac line hole - then turn a handle on a valve to make it take the pressure away from the...
  11. umpalumpajay

    Question about Total Alkalinity

    I mostly understand the relationship between Ph and TA and it seems like the majority of people are constantly trying to lower both levels and keep them balanced - at least in southern California. I have a 3 month old pool so im knocking down Ph to 7.4/7.5 pretty much every 6 days as it climbs...
  12. umpalumpajay

    Water hardness in Los Angeles? Too soft?

    My water was a little soft at 150 so i popped it up to 220 - but the pool supply place (actually a really great honest place i found) said i didnt need to buy anything because it would go up on its own. 150 seemed a long way from the 300 target and i could only get 8lbs of hardener anyway since...
  13. umpalumpajay

    Gonna have to hire someone to maintain

    Well, i've had the pool since December, i've learned a TON from all the great people here - made some rookie mistakes and probably will make more. Got the test kit, my bleach, my salt, and other odds and ends and my pool is lookin' great and is very healthy with the TFP methods - all levels are...