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  1. hodapmj

    Intellichlor IC 40 Only Steady Green Lights, Even When OFF!

    3 year old Intellichlor IC 40 connected via the 10 year old, Easy Touch. On the Intellichlor, steady green lights for Flow, Salt, Output %, bottomline looks like it is running fine. Diagnostics on the Easy Touch indicate no errors. Here is the wierd part, even when the pool is turned off, it...
  2. hodapmj

    Ascorbic Acid and Return of Brown Stains

    Sorry Swampwoman I don't monitor iron levels. Could you be on to something on low calcium levels. I keep mine lower because from what I understand on a vinyl pool there is no need. What are using to monitor your iron levels? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. hodapmj

    Ascorbic Acid and Return of Brown Stains

    Wanted to give an update on the use of Proteam Metal Magic as an alternate to an Ascorbic Acid treatment. Followed Proteams instructions to lower FC to 1 and raise PH to 7.5. Added 5 quarts and let it do it's thing. In about 6hrs all brown staining was gone. Left it for 48hrs and started the...
  4. hodapmj

    Ascorbic Acid and Return of Brown Stains

    The water supply is city water, that is from a lake reservoir. Over the last two years this metals issue has appeared to have gotten worse if my FC rises above 3.0. Based on my CYA level have been maintaining a FC level of 3.0 via SWG when temps are above 55 degrees. Bleach when colder temps...
  5. hodapmj

    Ascorbic Acid and Return of Brown Stains

    With all due respect, in AZ this is attainable, but in AR rainfall amounts can be up to 10-11 inches in ONE rainfall. No matter what anyone does this amount of rain WILL cause an issue where the the pool will need to be SLAM (shocked). The pool vessel has been active for seven years, could...
  6. hodapmj

    Ascorbic Acid and Return of Brown Stains

    How do I keep the staining away? The next storm will cause me to shock again. Bringing back the staining. That is my vicious cycle. How do I stop this from happening? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. hodapmj

    Ascorbic Acid and Return of Brown Stains

    I am in a vicious circle with ascorbic acid to remove brown staining. Brought chlorine levels to zero applied 1.5lbs of ascorbic acid to my 24,000 gallon vinyl lined pool. This removed most of the stains in an hour. Applied another 1.5lbs and viola! all stains gone. Pool was clear and...
  8. hodapmj

    Pentair Easy Touch Handheld Remote won't stay on

    When powering on the handheld remote, you hold the Menu/Power On button to activate the remote. The screen lites up and connects, but only stays on as long as you hold the button down. Is there anyone who has experienced this issue with the remote?
  9. hodapmj

    Is it ok to leave the robot in the water for a long time?

    Same here in Little Rock. My Pentair Platinum is a resident of the bottom for the last 3 yrs and it looks as and runs as new. Only reason to take it out is for non-family swimmers who might no respect it!
  10. hodapmj

    Pentair Easy Touch Controller won't start Intelliflow 4X160

    After a full week of downtime, PB & Pentair replaced my 4X160 with a new VS-3050. They installed it and left. They never checked to see if worked with the Easy Touch except that the Easy Touch turned the pump on and off. Now there is no control of the RPM. It appears to be about 1000 rpm off...
  11. hodapmj

    Pentair Easy Touch Controller won't start Intelliflow 4X160

    Now literally dead in the water. Pump died today. Not the Easy Touch. Called PB and Pentair with NO response/action. Currently adding chlorine and brushing to keep the water moving. Very disappointed in PB and Pentair for lack of response. Removed the 4X160 from the Easy Touch, no LED's...
  12. hodapmj

    Pentair Easy Touch Controller won't start Intelliflow 4X160

    This has happened now three times after a heavy rain storm. The pool will be running fine through the rain storm and when the pump is turned off by the Easy Touch schedule, the next scheduled ON time the Intelliflow will not start. All LED's on the pump are on indicating it should be working...
  13. hodapmj

    Clean fiberglass steps underwater

    I use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You may have some in the house already. If you don't they are available at any Target, Walmart, etc in the cleaning supplies section. Brings the steps right back to white with very little elbow grease and the Magic Eraser don't appear to mess with your pool...
  14. hodapmj


    If you want to remove the water easily, just unhook a small section of the liner where the pocket of water is. Using your vacuum hose and pump, set your filter to waste and put your vacuum hose down behind the liner as far as it will go into the pocket of water. Turn on the pump and with the...
  15. hodapmj

    Pentair heater makes a high pitched noise.

    No, it is natural gas. It seems to be related to the metal exhaust vent on the side of the unit. It doesn't whistle on startup, but as the the unit heats up it seems to start and continue through the heating process.
  16. hodapmj

    Pentair heater makes a high pitched noise.

    My Pentair heater appears to be heatiing as it always has, but it has just started making a high pitched noise while heating. The noise appears to be coming from the heaters chimmney. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  17. hodapmj

    water behind the liner

    Since you have a vinyl liner my recommendation would be to lift a section of the liner out of it's track right where you have the water behind the liner. Place your hose behind the liner and either use a sump pump or use your vac hose and run your pool pump with the multi-port to waste. Once...
  18. hodapmj

    Sealing the concrete

    Any recommendations for concrete sealers for tinted stamped concrete?
  19. hodapmj

    Intellichlor IC-40 RED No Flow Indicator

    Thanks for both of this info. I took the advice on the continuity across the two terminals and the switch and determined that the switch is bad. Called Pentair customer support, they agreed and sent out the replacement switch kit free of charge. Because of the knowledge I gained from the...
  20. hodapmj

    Intellichlor IC-40 RED No Flow Indicator

    Flow light is indicating red which is no flow. I have removed the cell and checked for obstructions, cells are completely clean. Backwashed the filter and feel I am completely clean. I have an Intelliflow 4X160 and have tried higher RPM's to no avail. In reading the other postings I have not...
  21. hodapmj

    Try this website

    While I agree with your design comments, this site is done by a high school student. Shame on you Waterbear :hammer: for bringing down a 16 year old budding pool boy! If every 16 yr old knew what he knew about pool maintenence and learning web design, look how much better this world would be...
  22. hodapmj

    City flushed the water mains, and I needed fill water

    Yesterday the city flushed the water mains. In the house the water has yellow look and without getting too graphic , looks like someone didn't flush the toilet. I needed to put in several hundred gallons of water into the pool to "fix" the other problem of a floating pool liner, compliments of...
  23. hodapmj

    Color LED light

    I just have one pool light and one spa light. It is under the diving board. I am not disappointed in the amount of light it cast throughout the pool. As for wishing I had an additional light, I haven't even given it a thought. If you are like me, you will be using on one of the seven color...
  24. hodapmj

    Pool Light

    I would skip the Halogen and move to LED. I use the Pentair Intellibrite lights and have been very pleased with them. IntelliBrite LED pool lights need only 37 watts to create the same light output as traditional incandescent and halogen pool lights do at 200 watts—more than 87% less...
  25. hodapmj

    Leave pool open this winter?

    Leave mine open year-round too. Leaves are a pain for about 3 weeks, other than that the enjoyment of having a clear blue water pool while you are outside is much better than looking at a boring pool cover or murky drained pool water. Chemical usage is very low once the water gets into the...
  26. hodapmj

    Color LED light

    While I can't offer any comparison for brightness. I am very happy with my Intellibrite LED light. I have had mine for two years, have it on every night for 3 hours 365 days a year, love the "light show" color changes and the different "shows" that it offers. I intial cost is high, but pay...
  27. hodapmj

    Anybody else hate their Legend II ?

    No, the wheels spinning on your vinyl should not do any damage. The tread on the Legend can easily wear down spinning on the vinyl. Are your front tires completely bald? They can easily be pulled off and "rotated" to the back. Has the cleaner always performed in this manner or has it...
  28. hodapmj

    Anybody else hate their Legend II ?

    Try this to verify that BOTH front wheels are properly engaged in the drive mechanism. With the Legend out of the water, when you turn ONE of the front wheels, does the opposite one turn? If it does, but when you try to hold that OPPISITE turning wheel, do the gears slip or does the wheel you...
  29. hodapmj

    What is your Pentair IC-40 run time and percentage?

    87 degree water, 40% on IC-40, FC 4.5 (constant) 1700rpm on 4x160, ZERO problems. Since you have a new cell, I suspect yours may be defective even though you are indicating no errors on your cell.
  30. hodapmj

    Coping - aluminum vs concrete

    I would recommend paying the extra cost for the concrete coping. Asthetically is looks better and is more like a traditional gunite pool in its look (at a far lower price). I don't belive you will see any difference in the life of the liner with either material.