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  1. TigerGalLE

    Black ring around fiberglass pool

    What can I do to prevent the daily formation of a black ring around my pool. It wipes away easily with a magic eraser. I have a scum star in my skimmer (seems to only collect bugs). My levels are all good. We aren’t wearing a ton of sunscreen but yet it still forms.
  2. TigerGalLE

    How much should my chlorine level drop a day? And strange yellow spots.

    So I super chlorinated my pool right before going out of town using my SWG (18k gallon salt water fiberglass pool). Then I left It to run for 11 hrs a day at 40%. I was gone 5 days. When I got home yesterday my FC was still 13.5. I turned my chlorine generator to 0% and today it was 11.5 at the...
  3. TigerGalLE

    High TA with low pH

    So I had to add 7lbs of stabilizer to my pool and I am still learning and missed the step of perfecting TA first. So now my pH is 7.2 and my TA is 110. I’m aerating the pool now and hoping that’ll raise my pH and then I can add MA. Is this the right steps to take? I have a 18,000g fiberglass...
  4. TigerGalLE

    First timer. Need advice about calcium.

    Hello out there pool world. I have a 18,000 gallon fiberglass pool. At initial start up they added too much salt so our salt levels are still high. It doesn’t bother us swimming but I’m not sure how much it affects our water balance. I received my TF-100 testing kit yesterday. My PH had been...