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  1. ultra800_96

    Industry moving toward CYA at or below 50 ppm

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I've understood.. getting by with the lower FC with a SWG has to do with the consistency of generating chlorine, vs a 1 time per day with manual dosing. Manual dose=higher to make sure FC never gets below the bottom parameters. SWG= consistent, all through the day...
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    Turning SWG% up when salt PPM down

    What I more salt. My ppm requirements are different than yours, but I like to keep the salt cell happy. I run in the middle to higher numbers of the requirements. As I understand, it's easier on the cell, making the life of it longer. Hope that helps. I keep an extra bag or two in the...
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    Reconnecting 2nd return

    When I added a 2nd return to my above ground pool, I used a PVC "Y", not a tee, & installed a shutoff valve on each line going to the returns. A three way would accomplish the same thing also.
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    Getting ready to drain & refill...what do I need to know?

    Re: Getting ready to drain & refill...what do I need to know I believe you are correct on your ch=0 test. My softened water tests also at 0. That's what I'm using to top off with.
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    Return hose came off -- question about re-installing it

    Just my .02 over the last 17 years. Your hose that your using is ok. The fitting that it fits on it pretty smooth, or more like barbs where the hose fits? I'm betting it's smooth, & over the years they will become misshapen where the hose slips on. I've fought the cheapy hoses, and the...
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    Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs)

    Thanks for the post ChemGeek. Also would be nice to hear from linen on progress if you decide to keep up with it. A good friend of mine drives truck from either coast to coast at times. He said many years ago, he quit drinking the local water away from home, wherever he has been as it has given...
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    True Believer in the BBB method

    Great job & nice pic! Glad to see you made it your avatar!
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    I don't quite understand the "go to salt" advice either. I've been on salt with a SWCG for a year now. I fought the TA battle this year & won before adding borates. Of course I'm dealing with a measly 13,000 gallons, lol. I do have extremely high TA fill water here though also (350+). It may be...
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    Comment from someone who "runs a pool store" - thoughts?

    In a way..true. But I feel my TF100 is ultimately what I need to test my pool,..and less expensive.. and gives accurate results that I can believe, ...and keeps me from spending hundreds of dollars in your store on products that I do not need,, my TF100 is not REMOTELY close, but FAR EXCEEDS...
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    Comment from someone who "runs a pool store" - thoughts?

    Me too Leebo. Also almost unbelievable from someone who's supposed to be a professional. Makes me think of the analogy of what a wild animal does when it or it's territory is threatened.
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    Floating skimmer

    I believe the OP is asking about the "Pool Skim", a skimmer that hooks to your return, not a puck floater. I don't have one myself but I'm tempted to later this summer when my trees start dropping leaves. There are some on this site that have them & love them. I'll let them chime in, as like I...
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    Without a closer-up picture, its harder to tell, but the post caps & rails look similar to mine, "Swim n Play".
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    Please save me from the pool man!!

    Re: PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THE POOL MAN!! The others have you well taken care of, but one thing that caught my eye in the above sentence..You did add salt didn't you? I don't see salt in your tests & I have no idea what the "salt water starter stuff" is.
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    Prayers & kudos to TFP members & non

    Just wanted to say wishing well to all members & non whom went through the big storms & are suffering big power outages. Hope you can all keep or get your pools clean with all the carnage & power outages I've read about. Main thing to keep in mind, life is above all in these storms. Just...
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    Help! Pool at this

    For what it's worth on the TA issue, my softener does nothing for the TA, CH is 0, but the TA stays the same as the hard pre softened water.
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    New to using liquid chlorine needing some help!

    Welcome to TFP! On your test kit question, TF100 from is the best bang for your buck to have the proper test kit. I also have the Speedistir available from the same site. Just an aside but looking at your pics, your top ledges & two piece caps look identical to my Swim N Play...
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    I think we want to get a saltwater system

    I bought the Aquatrol for my 24' x 48" ABG last year. Seems pretty adequate for my 13,000 gal. I run mine around 45% & works great. Bought it for $400+ change from a supplier in the members section on this site. Installation was a snap. Very easy. But my pool isn't open year round here in freeze...
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    Aqua Critter Questions (skimmer basket and heater)

    Heck yea. You'll like the job she does, if your mileage is anything like mine. Good luck!
  19. ultra800_96

    Hello All from Upper Michigan...with cloudy pool

    It's unfortunate about your water rates, but as your pressure rise is showing, the filter is doing it's job. :goodjob: Keep at it & the backwashing will slow down as the water cleans up. Good luck.
  20. ultra800_96

    Take #3 well water / shocking ??

    :cheers: Welcome another Iowan! Yep, get the TF100 ordered. I would also recommend the SpeedyStir from the same site. Linen's got you covered, so I won't add more. My pools 17 yrs old, found this site in '09, & haven't looked back. When you get the hang of testing, & knowing what effects what...
  21. ultra800_96

    Aqua Critter Questions (skimmer basket and heater)

    My old Critter was 15 years old & getting tired. I replaced it with another this spring. I did buy a leaf canister this time & it works pretty good. It is good to use if your trying to pick up an abnormal amount of leaves & such. I only used it on initial cleaning & a couple times after. Usually...
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    New pool owner and need help

    Take a deep breath..all might not be lost. Maybe he really thinks he is doing you a favor..?? But, that is kind of disappointing of him taking control, especially when he hasn't put forth effort till now. Some get lucky with floc, others don't. Usually it is one of the last things to try to get...
  23. ultra800_96

    Cloudy Pool

    Hi Mitch, Glad to see you post back & let us know. I bet you & family are happy with it. Yes, it is weird to read back from the beginning. Quite a journey you had, & I'm sure you feel much more knowledgeable about the chemistry now. I'm gonna try & answer what I can, but am unfamiliar with a...
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    New pool owner and need help

    If you can tell us what your filter pressure reads on "filter" right after a backwash, & if the pressure rises & flow from the return into the pool slows down before you do a backwash, I think we can get a pretty good clue if your sand is ok. Personally, I wouldn't worry about the sand right...
  25. ultra800_96

    Opps. Forgot to shock pool after opening. Bad?

    Bama's got it right on (3 posts up). In my mind you can't do a valid OCLT below your minimum FC level. At least I wouldn't. Add liquid chlorine & get the FC level up. Don't depend on the SWG to do it for you. If you don't go clear to shock, at least get it up in the 9-10 area this evening. Turn...
  26. ultra800_96

    New pool owner and need help

    Also, as a 4th year TFP'r, although I'm not an expert by any means, I sometimes I over estimate that newcomers to this site should understand some of these things already, even though it's a lot of new information to soak in, & usually in violation of what a lot of Pool Stores preach & try to...
  27. ultra800_96

    New pool owner and need help

    From the pic, yes it does look milky/cloudy to me. If it was clear, I would expect to see some of the print on your liner showing through. The test kit your using probably measures only to 5 FC, or maybe only 3? You could try the dilution trick, mix 1:1 ratio of pool water and distilled water...
  28. ultra800_96

    Opps. Forgot to shock pool after opening. Bad?

    Also as a reminder if you already did know, the SWG was not designed to raise FC from 0 to any level. You raise your level with chlorine & let the SWG take over & maintain it when your water is in balance.
  29. ultra800_96

    New pool owner and need help

    On a kinder note, yes the 2nd pic does look better than the first. You are getting somewhere on the plus side. But, having accurate test results will get you to posting the pics of your neat liner much more quickly, at less expense. So many here on this site have had very poor results with...
  30. ultra800_96

    New pool owner and need help

    +1 on what everyone else here has advised. My experience back in '09 was similar to yours. Cleaning up my swamp, I didn't have a test kit to test what reliably needed to be tested, & by the "seat of the pants" at first, I was adding all sorts of things that weren't needed, with a month long...