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  1. bmj0928

    Solid main drain cover?

    Does anyone have a solid maindrain cover for a sealed off maindrain, or have fabricated one? I haven't found one on the googles, yet. When my pool was built the main drain was purposely capped off from the outside. However, the installer still put on a normal maindrain cover. Debris and dirt...
  2. bmj0928

    CYA measurement

    I purchased the 50ppm cya standard from tftest. When I mix the standard with the new 0013 I also purchased, as directed, I can still see the dot when measuring at waist level.
  3. bmj0928

    2019 DIY pool renovation

    I moved into this house in 2018, and renovated the pool in April 2019. The person who lived here before stated that the pool light never worked, despite 5 electricians looking at it. The pool was installed in 1987. Whoever installed the light nicked the cord, so the hot wire was exposed and...
  4. bmj0928

    SLAMming a clear pool

    This thread is my SLAM thread. This is my first SLAM. Prior to this, I drained 45% of my water to get my cya to 50. My pool was crystal clear to start, but I decided to SLAM because I was at such a high CYA for so long, another thread said that I was on the verge of an algae bloom because my...
  5. bmj0928

    Chlorine demand

    I have what's called a "Family Fun" pool, meaning it has a plaster bottom (enamel paint) with fiberglass walls. It holds 11,000 gallons. It's crystal clear, no odor, and no signs of trouble. The issue I am having is that it is eating a gallon of chlorine a day. I was using an auto chlorinator...
  6. bmj0928

    Is high TA a bad thing if you don't have issues

    My TA is currently 210. It's been high for quite some time. I don't have any issues with scaling or anything, and my water is crystal clear. My pH is good, and everything seems normal. I've been trying to lower my TA using pH down and aeration. Question is, if I'm not having issues usually...