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    Aluminum Sulfate to help get rid of pollen?

    I live in a high pollen area, and one of the local pool techs that I trust, said the only thing to do is just backwash often during the pollen dump (like weekly or more if necessary). You might want to consider putting a sock on your skimmer basket as well.
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    Good Sunscreen that doesn't leave the Black Gunk

    I wondered about that, but if that's the case, that's a completely different thing! I would think using water-repellent, or water proof sunblock would be self evident if you are going to swim, but I also thought that it was written to indicate no tanning oils, for instance, which is a...
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    Good Sunscreen that doesn't leave the Black Gunk

    Arise, thread! Newbie pool owner here. Inherited pool from a house we bought recently. In the notes from the PB, someone wrote "WATER BASED SUNBLOCK ONLY PLEASE" I don't think there is anything unusual about this pool - any ideas why someone would write that, and if it's a recommended...