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    Jandy pump, anyone know wrench size? Long drive across town...

    I have a Jandy variable speed pump that I suspect needs a new impeller. Unfortunately its across town 45 minutes away at my old house. I want to know have the correct tools so I was hoping somebody might know what size the bolts are, or maybe if you have a Jandy Vs pump you could check to see...
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    Jandy deck jet controller

    I have 20 deck jets in my pool we recently built. Each jet is run on its on 3/4" line and has a ball valve for adjustment. Those valves are great because it allows me to adjust them all to the same height. The problem I am finding is that I often only want to turn on a few of them for my kids to...
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    Help deciding on jets

    Well it looks like we will have 4 pumps running 20 deck jets, two 36" sheer decents, 2 Bullfrog jetpacks, and 9 fountain bubblers. Seems like overkill for the pumps, but you never know when the kids will want to turn it all on at the same time. Now if we could just get started.
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    Help deciding on jets

    Bubblers...thank you JamieP Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Help deciding on jets

    Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Help deciding on jets

    I am building a pool for my kids and I want lots of water features. I like the look of deck jets, but I haven't researched installation yet. They look pretty straightforward though. I have not researched pumping requirements yet either. Deck jets look like a nice, fairly inexpensive way to get...