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    Borax affect SWG readings?

    I feel like an idiot, I had been trying to calibrate on the back board rather than the front for some reason. I have it calibrated, so hopefully it will work now.
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    Borax affect SWG readings?

    Dang, I guess I guess I need to get my salt level tested. Hopefully the seller will warranty the sensor if it is in fact bad. I had to cut and splice the wires to extend them so I am not sure if they will warranty that or not.
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    Borax affect SWG readings?

    Last year we decided to get a Jandy Aquapure 1400 SWG system to add to our Aqualink RS system. We bought it used and had issues with it from day one. It turned out to be the flow/salt sensor that was causing our problems. I replaced it last week and my salt reading are showing 4500-4600(4.5-4.6)...
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    Bleach, Borax supply in Las Vegas?

    Sorry, I think I bought all the Borax available in all of SW Vegas.
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    Acid Wash and borax

    We want to do a no drain acid wash on our pool as well as add borax to the water. What would be the best way to do this for a 12,500 gallon pool? I wash planning to add enough acid to lower the pH to 4.0 and brush for 2-3 days. Then use the Borax to raise the pH back up. Do I have to shut down...
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    Dark plaster, milky swirls, when can I brush?

    We have brand new dark gray plaster and some areas are a very light gray, nearly white. I know darker colors mottle easily and we really like the mottled look, but in the spa it is just really bad. Like it wasn't brushed well enough in the first couple days. Same thing around some of the edges...
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    We recently finished plaster and have been diligently sweeping. Final inspection is scheduled tomorrow for the gas test and tag and then I can get the gas installed and will be ready to heat the spa. The plaster company said that I couldn't heat the water for 30 days though because of the curing...
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    Plaster finished yesterday and almost full of water...Now?

    Re: Plaster finished yesterday and almost full of water...No Yes, we are keeping it running 24/7 for a few days until the cloudiness goes away. The plumbers were just here so I had them button up a few things and check on the autofill I just installed so while they were here I had them label...
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    Plaster finished yesterday and almost full of water...Now?

    Ok, so the plaster was installed yesterday and we have been filling with water overnight. The pool is approximately 12,500 gallons according to the meter at the curb. We were expecting closer to 16,000 so either the curb meter is wrong or our pool is smaller than we thought. Either way is fine...