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    Fireworks in the pool!

    So we just got back from a 3 week vacation and find the our new pool with burn marks all over the bottom and several mortar shells as well. The burn marks aren't a big deal because they are slowly brushing away, but I noticed my kids smelled like sulfur after the swam. Is there any test I can do...
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    Chemicals:Nevada Winter, New pool

    I am 3 months in and should be able to shock it but haven't have a need to yet. Only when it is windy does anything ever get in the pool but since I live in a desert it is only a few small leaves. My CC has always been at 0
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    Chemicals:Nevada Winter, New pool

    We finished and filled our pool in mid October 2011 and haven't been doing much except maintaining the pH and chlorine. It seems almost to be too simple. I have been adding acid about every three days to keep the pH down and it seems like no matter how much chlorine I add, it hardly even shows...