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    Looking for a *better* pool vac system

    My dolphin s300i fine filter picks up d.e. powder when I had a hole in my d.e. filter element.
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    Dolphin s300i

    It cleans that small portion but it also wear out the wall because robot stays in one spot scrubbing when its supposed to be tilted & scrub along the waterline for a certain amount of time.
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    Dolphin s300i

    My 2 y.o. dolphin s300i when scrubbing wall goes straight up instead of tilted to one side. I've checked the directional nozzle & it moves freely. Authorized service shop says this is normal but wants me to bring it in to be checked out for a fee. Manufacturer said the same thing but all their...
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    Pool robot not climbing walls

    Pool wall too slippery? Invisible algae?
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    robot cleaner

    does anybody have any experience, good or bad, with dolphin pro rc (white/gray exterior)? - thanks