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    Running Pump at Night

    Hi there - I need help wrapping my head around a thought process... Problem: Return jets are very strong and are in my shallow / sun shelf end. The agitated water makes it hard to see the step down into the shallow end. When the pump isn't running, it is very obvious and clear to see the step...
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    Thermostat Running High - Nirvana FC100 Heat Pump

    Hi there - I suspect this is due to the fact that my unit needs some more shade, but my heater thinks the water is at least 5º warmer than it actually is. Does anyone know where on the Nirvana FC100 the temp sensor is so I can target the area to shade more?
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    Adding Calcium = 5 ppm FC Drop

    Hi My CH was low, so as per Pool Math I added 12 lbs of Calcium Chloride. Prior to doing so I tested my FC and it was high at 6.0. I have a WaterGuru which just alerted me my FC is at 0.8 ppm. I tested again with my Taylor and it is in fact ~1 ppm. What happened? And any tips on what to do? It...
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    Animal Events

    Hi there - I have been very diligently keeping tabs on my chemistry, and have been doing my best to maintain my appropriate FC to CYA ratio, which is between 3 and 5 ppm. I recently found a dead baby bird in the pool, and saw the CDC recommends "raising" to 2 ppm. Now I know there's a general...
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    Low Pressure on Filter

    Hi everyone - My pressure has dropped quite a bit (normally 18 psi and is currently 12-13). I backwashed without issue yesterday and pressure was fine. Cleaned out both skimmer baskets as well. this am after testing my water, I cleaned out the skimmer in the pool again, and dropped my vacuum...
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    Issues with myDolphin App

    Hi - I have a Dolphin Sigma and when trying to setup the myDolphin bluetooth app (iOS) the app can't find it. I downloaded the myDolphin Plus app (I guess that doesn't support the Sigma) and it finds my robot right away, but directs me to use the myDolphin app. Has anyone experienced something...
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    Brand New Pool Owner - iChor 30 FC Reading Very High

    Hi there - Brand new pool owner.... 8,000 gallons, fiberglass, iChor 30 SWG, Pentair Superflo pump, and Pentair SD40 sand filter . I've started to try and learn chemistry and read as much as I can here, but I seem to have a rare problem; my FC is testing very high. I am testing using Aquachek...