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    Aquarite gone haywire

    Can someone explain what is wrong with my swg... flow sensor perhaps? Yesterday: 20200926_174436_1.mp4 Today: 20200927_142802_1.mp4 I opened the panel yesterday and saw power, no flow and check cell lights alternating. I tried switching to off and unplugging it but got the same thing. I...
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    Third time replacing Aquarite thermistor!

    I've been in this house 8 years. Two years ago I replaced this part for the second time. I think the first replacement was two years prior to that. Today I have the same issue. When I opened the panel the part is cracked. I will be replacing it today (fortunately I bought two last time just...
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    Identifying leak in wall of ig liner

    I have a 20 year old in-ground vinyl liner that we plan on replacing next spring. I did a bucket test which confirmed that I have a leak. After a few days of monitoring the water loss has stopped. The level is above the returns and above the bottom of the skimmer opening. I had a leak in the...
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    How to clean speedstir and tubes?

    My test tubes and magnet have some black specs and starting to look cloudy. What is the best way to clean them? I read a post about using muratic acid or vinegar but want to make sure that I don't damage the magnet.
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    preventing IF code on heater when windy

    When we replaced our heater last spring we didn't get a wind stack which the old unit had as we don't live in an area that has high wind issues. It was fine until the other day. I turned it on and when I came back to check on it there was an IF code. After doing some research I figured out...
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    proper chem level for new pool heater -manual vs tfp recommendation

    The recommended levels page of tfp says that CH for swg pool should be 0-300 (don't add). My newly installed hayward h250 manual says that it should be 200-400. If too low it could be corrosive to heat exchanger. Which should I follow? I current get a reading of 50 and in the past never...
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    just got H250ed2c heater and have a few questions

    I can't find the following in the manual. Can you answer these for me? - What is the difference between spa and pool modes? I am using for my pool. Is it a problem if it accidentally gets switched to spa? - How do i winterize it? The manual just says to drain water. With my old heater i had...
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    Heater doesn't click on

    What part controls this? The pilot is lit but when I turn the switch on nothing happens.
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    questions about replacing salt cell for first time

    I've had the same T-15 cell for 7 years. I don't know how long the previous owner had it. It is giving Inspect Cell message which I cannot clear. The green generating light is on so does this mean it is working but at reduce rate?? I assume this means that it needs replacing?? The old owner...
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    Dolphin lacking suction/power

    I have a Dolphin Oasis 25 that is about 5 years old. I use the accordion style fine filter, still the original one. I've noticed that although it is pick up debris, it is missing a lot, both large and small. Instead, it seems to be pushing it around. I've watch it go over debris and not...
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    Stabilizing ph level

    I'm very happy with the chem balance of my pool except for the ph level. I usually test once a week and it is usually 8.0 unless it has rained. Other than muriatic acid I rarely have to add chems during the season. I read a post indicating that lowering ta to 60 would help. Would that help to...
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    muratic acid recommendations in pool math app

    My test the other day showed ph=8 (max for my test kit). 1 drop of reagent lowers it to 7.4. The booklet in the kit says to add 286ml of 20 Baume for 40,000 liter pool. The app gives me very different instructions. When I input TA=70 and Borates=90 it tells me that I need to add 2.3 liters...
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    no power light on swg - current limiter failed again??

    No green power light on my swg. I replaced the current delimiter two years ago but only ordered one thinking they lasted a long time. How long should they last?? I can't remember if it was same thing but seeing other posts seems to indicate the same component has failed again... The display...
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    do i need separate test tube for salt testing?

    I just got the Taylor K-1766 kit and noticed that it has the same test tube as my K-2006 kit. Do I need to use a separate one for salt testing?
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    what is the best product to clean walk-in steps?

    What do you use to clean black waterlines and light yellow stains on white walk-in steps? I have a ph-neutral liquid from the pool store but found that it requires a lot of scrubbing... I've had it a few years so maybe it's just old. I've read about vitamin C and some other products. What is...
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    getting started with overnight runtime

    I want to reduce my hydro bills by running my vs pump at night rather than 24/7 on low. My off-peak rate (7pm-7am) is half the cost of my on-peak rate (11am-5pm). One article recommended starting at 8 hours but some posts recommend 2-4 hours and state that a full turnover is not necessary...
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    is Omni TA Increaser the same as Buffer?

    I have a bucket of OMNI Buffer left over from last year. It does not list the ingredients so I was struggling to figure out the quantity needed with the pool math app. I tried looking it up but can't find it. Did they change the name to TA Increaser?? Is there any benefit to using this over...
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    how to repair safety cover

    I have a green mesh winter safety cover that has two rips - each one along a separate seam. I think each one is about a foot long but I haven't measured. I would like to repair them myself if possible. I could try hand sewing them but they are not near the edges so it would be a bit tedious...
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    cleaning reagent bottles before refilling

    Does anyone do this and/or is it necessary? I try to buy the ones I use often in bigger bottles and am careful that the tip does not touch anything. Some of my Taylor bottles are four years old.
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    Canadians: where do you buy your taylor reagents?

    Amazon? Leslie's? other? I'm starting to plan for the upcoming season. I have the K-2006 taylor kit and need to replace everything, except a few that i never/rarely need. If I order just the ones that i use from Amazon and have them shipped to Buffalo I will have to pay...
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    recommendation for salt meter?

    Is there an inexpensive meter for testing salt water that you recommend? All I want is to do an occasional sanity check (a couple of times a season) to make sure that my panel reading is ok. In the past it has been pretty close to the pool store but since I do my own testing now I don't want...
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    power outage tripping breaker after new pump install

    We installed a new vs pump this year replacing our hayward dual speed. There was only one change made which was that we removed the on/off switch that controlled high/low speed since it was no longer needed. We wired the pump directly to the black 'main' switch that controls power to all our...
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    which target chlorine range should I be following?

    The panel of my swg says 1.0-3.0. The new pool math app also says 1-3. However the cya chart (Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart) recommends 5-6 with cya of 70-80 (it current tests at 70). Why is the pool math recommendation different from pool school and which one should I be following?
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    gas heater warms up but doesn't get hot

    My gas heater was working fine when I closed the pool last year. This year I had to replace the pump (from dual speed to vs) before opening. When I run the heater on max I noticed that it gets very warm, but not hot. It used to be that I couldn't put my hand anywhere close to the vent cap...
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    Need help programming Hayward Superpump VS

    I've read the manual, checked the Hayward website and youtube but can't find detailed instructions to set up my newly installed pump so I'm hoping that someone here can help me. I previously had a dual speed pump without any control panel to deal with. - How do I set it up to run 24-hours on...
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    impact of FC on vinyl liner

    i don't if this the right section to post this, however we are planning to replace our vinyl liner this year. According to pool school the optimum levels for our swg pool is 70-80 CYA and target FC of 5-6. I am wondering what impact, if any this will have on the fading of the liner vs the FC=3...
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    VS or Dual-speed pump - help me decide!!

    I need a new pool pump to replace the dual-speed Hayward that I had. When I called my local pool shop to get a price on the same one, I was told about the Hayward VS ones (3-speed and 4-speed models). I know that they are probably trying to upsell, but I'm wondering if it's worth it. Hydro...
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    I need help troubleshooting gas heater

    We have had a bunch of issues with our pool this year including a hole in the liner, skimmer valve leak and a faulty limiter in the swg. The latest are our heater and pump. Our heater was working fine when we tested on opening. When we used it for the first time it ignited fine and seemed to...
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    Is my pump dead?

    I had the pump running on high today with the heater going and all was fine. A few hours later I went to go swimming again and noticed that the water had cooled off and nothing was coming out of the returns. I checked the pump and sure enough it was not running. The main is fine as I am...
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    pool repaired - now pump stops pumping water after a few hours

    Last week I had a leak detection company come in and patch my liner and fix a leaking stair return. They said that skimmer/main lines tested fine at 20 psi, however, the skimmer valve has a small air leak which is causing all the bubbles I saw coming out of the return. They tried lubricating...