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    Submerged Equipment. Thanks Sally!

    Pool was finished week before Labor Day. We enjoyed for 1 week. It is a beach/second home In Navarre Beach, FL. Took quite a hit last night. My neighbor said about 2-3 feet of water. My pad is elevated but he said pump was completely submerged. Based upon description of water height, my...
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    Large travertine paver pattern question

    Looks like they will be pouring the concrete collar for my pool deck next week. Total size of pool deck is 24' x 64' less the pool (freeform, about 500 square feet). Due to delays and availability, we choose to go with the 24" x 24" travertine (shell beige)that we could get now. This limits me...
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    IntelliCenter wireless remote

    Happy 4th! My pool will be completed in the next couple of weeks. I am undecided on the wireless remote unit. How difficult is it to connect/install if I decided to add later?
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    New Pool FL Panhandle/Fiberglass in sand/Starts 6/29/20

    Never owned or had a pool installed, so this should be an adventure. Imagine Pools (fiberglass) Brilliant 40' in Reef Blue. It is a free-form pool/spa combo approximately 16' x 40'. Since I am across from the ocean, it added some FEMA complexity. Contractor will install 8" pilings in proximity...