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    Closing pool early due to home construction

    As a little background - this is our first year owning a pool. We bought the house back in the spring and have learned a lot about pool care and our set up along the way. However we have no experience closing a pool. It’s an in ground, sand filter, ~22k gallons. Here’s our current situation...
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    Should I have a psi reading while in recirc?

    Fairly new to being a pool owner. All the equipment was from the previous owner. I’m just familiarizing myself with all the equipment. i got a new pressure gauge because the old one didn’t work. The gauge is mounted on the filter and the MPV is to the right. While in filter mode I get a reading...
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    Is it a bad idea to vacuum if I can’t see bottom of pool?

    I’m a new pool owner (bought a house with a pool) and since opening the pool I’ve been battling a lot of debris on pool floor as well as cloudy water. The mesh covering over the pool last winter had torn in a couple places along the seams and allowed in lots of leaves and debris. I have done a...