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    K2006 results and pump question.

    As you can see by my signature we have an 18,000 gallon IG SWG pool. Vinyl liner. My readings stay pretty steady at the following numbers. FC 10.2 CC .2 PH 7.5 TA 140 CH 450 CYA 80 Phosphates 0 Salt 3400 Here are my questions on the results. 1.) My TA at 140, should I try to bring that...
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    Central Illinois TFP here

    Have been consulting the forum for a couple years now. Usually when I had an issue with the pool where the pool store wanted me to buy something really expensive or had no idea how to make something happen. We live in central Illinois and have an SWG in ground Memorial Day to Labor Day pool...
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    Saturday morning relaxing......

    Some complain that pools are too much work and the maintenance is too high. I just call it Saturday morning. I get up early, grab my coffee, turn the radio on and count drops. Kind of therapeutic.