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    Pool off after days of heavy rain

    Good evening! I need some help with my pool. I was out of town for the 4th of July holiday and while I was gone we received a lot of rain. I have an in gound liner pool with sand filter that is around 7500g FC-0 CC-0 PH-7.8 TA-100 CH-150 CYA-30 Temp-83F I know I needed chlorine so I added 3...
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    Just tested my water for the first time...Now what?

    Hi, I just tested my water and here are my numbers... FC-.5 TA-90 CYA-40 PH-7.2 CH-300 I know I need to add chlorine but not I am not sure if I need to add something else and in what order to do it. Any advice would be helpful!