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  1. courtneyhi

    Question about Stonescapes Touch of Glass

    Hello! My Pool designer doesn't seem very knowledgable with Touch of Glass options from Stonescapes. I am confused looking at their website. • Can anyone confirm, can Touch of Glass be added to Mini Pebble? I am wanting to do Touch of Glass French Grey in Mini Pebble. If anyone else has done...
  2. courtneyhi

    Critique my equiptment choices & design!

    About to start a pool- please critique my choices! Also thoughts on a PV3 in-floor vs Polaris? Thanks! -Modern shaped pool with steps and benches. -Approx. 90' perimeter and 418 sq foot surface area. -Depth goes from 3 1/2' - 6' deep. -Pentair 30" Tagulus TA100D sand filter with top...
  3. courtneyhi

    Help! Pebble Sheen Colors!

    Hello everyone! I cant make up my mind on Pebble Sheen colors! Currently thinking about Aqua Blue with Simmering Sands or Blue Granite with Shimmering Sands. Our pool is a modern rectangle shape with the deepest area being 6ft, there is a hot tub, surrounded by grass. My husband doesn't want...