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    Too Corrosive for Natural Rock

    After more research \ thinking, I don’t think the rocks dissolving is due to water chemistry. My water is balanced....I now think it’s the salt!!!
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    Too Corrosive for Natural Rock

    I think my TA is too low - it may be too corrosive for the natural waterfall rocks. Ordered some Sodium Bicarbonate to take the TA up to a 90 (CSI will go up, need to lower the PH). Hopefully the PH will still be stable at this TA level. The more I think about this, the more confused I get. I...
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    Home Depot Muriatic Acid

    Looks yellow in color right?
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    Home Depot Muriatic Acid

    Did I just make a mistake - instead of the Swimming Pool Muriatic Acid (14.5%) I got the other stuff, 31.45% - poured some in the pool - one box says Balance on it?
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    Salt is HIGH!!!!

    Oh boy, the heat must be affecting my brain, used a 25 ml sample, sigh...retested sitting at 3600. Will get my boys to do some cannonballs to get rid of some water! :)
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    Salt is HIGH!!!!

    Does the Taylor SALT K-1766 kit go bad? The date on the it says test used by 3/20... Did my last Salt test around April, and the test indicated 3200ppm....todays 7/10 the test indicated 8600ppm? The IC60 salt reading is 3600.... I started noticing small flakes of salt in my Dolphin, and that...
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    First test results. Help with raising CYA

    I would have drained it too...5 years of poo in that pool, to much muck, but in the end you’ll get there.
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    First test results. Help with raising CYA

    You could also use the pool vac, and just clean the filters often, don’t have wait for the 25% pressure increase.
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    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    Ok, I'll play - not as clear as some of you with no water in the pool!
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    Here is my CYA / Chlorine Story

    If you get the SWG installed, you don’t need to lug chlorine around on your, you only load salt once.
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    Using lots of acid

    TA runs around 80-90....I run the pump at 2000 RPM (10 hours per day), and that's for the pool suction -> pool /spa return (spill over). You can see from the picture, aeration is minimized.
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    Using lots of acid

    Interesting, I have a huge spillover, runs 10 hours per day, and I only have to add a bit of acid (31%) every second day...I’d start with leaving TA low, let the ph creep to 7.8 and see what happens.
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    Using lots of acid

    Post a picture of the water running over the long does it run?
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    CH Increasing

    Well that sucks....I did notice CH to start rising when it started to get hot! Since I have a saltwater setup (+ high CH), I'll drain from the deep end, and fill from the shallow end...looks like I need to drain 25% to get back to 400 - maybe I should take it down to 350. Guess winter would be...
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    CH Increasing

    Started out with 350....steadily been increasing, now approx 500....what is causing the increase? I do have a waterfall that has calcium buildup on the mortar between the boulders - from water seeping through cracks in the mortar from behind. Fill water is low CH, can’t recall, will test in the AM.
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    testing and balancing your Water

    Hopefully he’s using the “right” side of the paddle scoop....I used the big side too before I found wisdom on this site...
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    Brand new to pool care and feeling overwhelmed

    You should be brushing, vacuuming, and cleaning the filter daily, or this going to take a while...
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    Speedstir doesn't work?

    Should probably use it more often than once per year! :)
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    Oil slick on pool (sunscreen) will the filter clean it out?

    Pet peeve of mine - when I see the mothers spray a weeks worth of sunscreen, while standing on my unsealed coping / cement, all over their snot nosed kids, who then proceeds to jump in the pool, that I maintain...sigh! :) I am slowly getting the regulars to understand, that the oil comes off...
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    Oil slick on pool (sunscreen) will the filter clean it out?

    If it floats on the water, how will it get to the filter!
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    Maintaining someone else's pool

    How much algae is hiding in the in-floor cleaning system water lines - you need to exercise all water features.
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    Aeration - TA/PH

    Aeration increases pH....acid lowers it. Baking Soda increases TA, acid lowers it...TA stays constant when using aeration to increase pH..
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    Drain My Pool Again!! 2nd Time in 6 Months!! URGGGGGGGG

    Add your pool details to your signature, order the some chlorine and muriatic acid, get ready to party!
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    Cloudy Pool

    Are you brushing the pool, below the stairs, anywhere algae can hide?
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    Cloudy-ish water despite good numbers and little algae

    That's why people are confused - start a new thread for new questions! :)
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    1 week old new StoneScapes mini pebble

    The same exists for StoneScapes …..follow it.
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    Almost there.... but what to do about CH....

    Sounds like a plan to me...FC around 6ppm. Interesting how CH climbed so quickly, with all the rain we had?
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    Is there any way to get rid of this???

    Water spray / splash / migration that evaporate, and leaves the calcium can scrub it when you brush the pool, but I don’t know if it will work. I bet if you let the spa spillover dry, it will also be white. Diluted muriatic acid will clean it, but then you have to neutralize...
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    How does FC remain the same over 24 hours?

    How did you turn off the SWG?