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    Black algae - algaecide worth it?
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    Rain water turning deep end green?

    Look at the dirt on the pool patio - cabana roof should have a rain cutter to redirect the rain water, and it interesting how they sloped the pool patio towards the pool - look like you are stuck with rain water / dirt running into the pool. Think you need the caulk that gap between the coping...
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    High pool pump pressure

    Multiple requests for this info....maybe you don’t want to clean the pool? :)
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    One pool guy told me that Black algae is almost impossible to kill. Is it true?

    Now that was an entertaining read... post more videos, I’m learning a lot of new stuff! :)
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    Brown spots - what is this?

    Quiet in this room - just me and the crikets...might as well post a link to an Apple Tart recipe!
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    Brown spots - what is this?

    On the plastic in the skimmer area (only place I looked) - almost looks like eggs, little brown spots - can't scrub it off with a cloth (haven't tried a brush). Water is clear, and looks good - numbers below: FC - 5 pH - 7.8 TA - 80 CH - 375 CYA - 70 SALT 3400 TEMP - 84 CSI - 0.03 SWG (IC60)...
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    Algae 60

    Start reading and you'll be blessed with wisdom that no pool store can compete with...
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    Algae keeps coming back after SLAM

    All the features / functions that contain water in the pipes needs to be run my case, the vacuum line, spa jets and deep heat.
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    Muddy pool SLAM cleanup

    I would go into cardiac arrest...the rain in San Diego has been insane - has to run all the test almost every third day to fix the imbalance from all the rain.