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    Thoughts for a new pump

    I don't have much experience, but have a 2 speed 1.5hp for 27' AGP with DE filter. Low is 2.9 amps 1725 rpm, high is 11 amps 3450 rpm. Low can barely be heard standing next to it. I wouldn't spend the money on variable speed. I think it was in $250 range. Sent from my 4G LTE Droid using Tapatalk 2
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    Hayward Power-flo Matrix

    Thanks. I was hoping it was normal. Sent from my 4G LTE Droid using Tapatalk 2
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    Hayward Power-flo Matrix

    I just opened my new pump. It's 1.5 hp 2 speed power-flo matrix. Are these indentations supposed to be there? There feels like one under the label, with no damage to the label, so I think It's from the factory. I saw a new single speed pump and it didn't have any indentations. Going to email...