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  1. thebrez1

    Going with Yellow out. I give up

    I have had yellow algae, even vacuumed by hand with a siphon hose to get every stinking bit of it out for a week. scrubbed, removed stairs and cleaned, backwahsed and maintained minimum 22 ppm on chlorine. Even added DE to the sand filter. Still find small amounts each day. I have sterilized...
  2. thebrez1

    Thanks to TFP I don't know what I am looking At

    Stupid questions. Thanks to TFP I have never had algae so I don't know what I am looking at, but I have brown dust splotches on the bottom of my fresh water pool. Here is the problem: since I don't know what it looks like, I can't tell if it is just dust from the last few days of rain (Oklahoma)...
  3. thebrez1

    32% CYA Subtracted from TA?

    Since I know I can trust the info I get from this group I wanted to throw something out that I was told yesterday, but had never heard of before. I was told that to get an accurate TA number you need to subtract 1/3 or your CYA number. So if I have a 75 TA and a 45 CYA I actually only have a TA...
  4. thebrez1

    Borates effect other chemistry?

    Moved from here. Sort of off the thread, but I have now reached 50 ppm with my borates. Water looks and tests great! My question is does the 50 ppm borates throw off any other test results? Do I need to compensate anything comparable to the CYA/Chlorine relationship?