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  1. rodog123

    My 2nd pool Build... Quote What do you think?

    Let me know what ya'll think of the pool quote below Likes, dislikes anything I should add? We like the builder and quote as they are willing to take care of everything landscaping and sprinklers. . I will be requesting to add another light. Backyard is limited in space long, but not very wide...
  2. rodog123

    Porcelain tile

    Has anyone tried using porcelain tile to cover their ODK? Is this even a viable option given the potential weather conditions and stress? would hate to have cracked tiles everywhere...
  3. rodog123

    Have you seen these cabinets...? Thoughts?

    Have you seen these cabinets...? Thoughts?
  4. rodog123

    Vision Grills

    Thoughts? pricing is below the BGE and Primo.
  5. rodog123

    Has anyone heard of these guys Eldorado Outdoor Kitchens

    These are Prefab units, check out the pricing, seems to be in the ball park vs. steel stud framing with stone. You would have to factor in the time you would spend attching frames and cement board, plus cost of materials. Has anyone heard of these guys before? Seems the prefab is a viable...
  6. rodog123

    Ceramic BBQ Grills.. Green Egg, Primo, Kamoda Joe.. Grill Dome.. Which do you have?

    Ok I'm currently researching ceramic grills and prices. Let me know your thoughts/prefferences and ideas...Here is what I have so far. Prices collected from the Houston area. Green Egg - great market share and name recognition. Seems they get you with all the attachments and add ons...
  7. rodog123

    stone venear vs. porcelain tile (that looks like wood)

    Question: I'm curious what the cost difference is between using a stone venear vs. using procelain tile that looks like wood. I'm cosidnering using this tile vs. stone venear to cover outdoor kitchen. Do you think it would look ggod?, weird? Thoughts...
  8. rodog123


    So we recently purchased 2 Sonos play 1's for my master bed and bath. I must say set up was super easy and I plan on expanding the system. I was shocked at the sound quality of such a small speaker. Although as my wife pointed out, not a true "wireless" speaker because you need a power cord...
  9. rodog123

    Question about my Jandy Stealth Pump

    I went out today to empty out my baskets and noticed my main pump was only about 1/4 of the way full with water and I had no pressure in my filters. I immediately turned everything off and called my PB (still under warranty) They are sending a Jandy tech to look over everything. What could...
  10. rodog123

    Blaze Grills.. Have you seen/heard of these new to market?

    As I continue to do my research for my upcomming project, I ran across these new line of grills. American made and from what I've read, customer service is top notch. Let me know your thoughts. I'm considering getting this brand of grills.
  11. rodog123

    Received my ledge loungers yesterday!... Finally

    Can't wait to use them next summer!
  12. rodog123

    Cal Flame - Hibachi drop in Gridlle.. Check it out. I was just going through Cal Flames new product catalog and came across this I wonder how it will perform?
  13. rodog123

    Question about draining my pool and my grass

    When that inevitable time comes when my CYA gets too high (cause I'm using pucks) and I need to drain my pool, can I use the pool water on my grass? Will my grass burn because of Ph? Should I adjust Ph before hand then partially drain? Currently CYA @ 45. I know, I know what is this guy...
  14. rodog123

    Winterizing in ground pools in Houston,TX. Do Ineed to do anything special?

    Hello all new pool owner here, getting ready for winter. I was wondering if there was anything special I had to do before winter hits. I live close Houston,Texas so our winters are really mild. We do have a couple of days were we will hit freezing temperatures and everyone freaks out (Pets...
  15. rodog123

    600K Gallon Backyard Pool in Texas.. Price tag $3M

    Saw this on my local news last night. Price tag @ 3M$ :bowdown:
  16. rodog123

    Question about SPA attached to pool..Heater odor.

    When I fire up my heater to get the spa started up, we notice a strong gas like smell, I'm guessing its the heating element getting hot. Is this normal? It happens everytime the heater fires up. I have the Jandy LXi heater and our pool is fairly new (May 2014) Thanks all
  17. rodog123

    Chlorox now selling pool products... Not sure if anyone had seen this yet figure I would post.
  18. rodog123

    RCS outdoor grill rusting after six months

    One of my friends just had a pool built and an outdoor kitchen installed. He noticed rust starting to appear on his RCS grill and burners, cabinet doors after six months. His pool is a chlorine pool RCS warranty is giving him the run around. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. rodog123

    Question about Skimmer Valves alway leave open?

    Hello Everyone, I'm a new pool owner. I was told by my "pool school" guy not to touch my two skimmer valves that they should always remain open. Is this correct? :confused: When would I need to close the skimmer valves? (they are Jandy valves, not sure if this matters) Thanks.
  20. rodog123

    Question regarding CYA and rain storms.

    Hello I have a new pool (2weeks old) and am using an inline chlorinator "pucks" I know many peeps prefer the BBB method. I have yet to test for CYA as I'm using the free taylor kit that my PB provided me for free, its a basic kit does not include cya. I will buy a TFT kit as soon as this one...
  21. rodog123

    Post your Favorite "Go To" Summertime Recipe!!! Drink or Food

    With summertime fast approaching its time to fire up the grill (or stove/oven/microwave) and post some your favorite "go to" summertime recipes. This can also include your favorite summertime cocktail/drink. I will kick it off with my go to summertime drink when friends or family come over...
  22. rodog123

    Question on landscape lighting.

    Ok so I'm having electrical done next week and I wanted to stub out something so I could do some landscape lighting behind the pool at a later date. Figure I should do it now since ground is already dug up. I was thinking maybe I could purchase the Jandy Landscaping LEDs and run off the remote...
  23. rodog123

    Patio Furniture - Where did you pruchase?

    Ok so my next purchase after pool is built will be the Patio furniture. Is there any place where I can get patio funriture (couch, 2 charis w/ottomans, coffee table) that is good quality and not spend an arm and a leg? Budget is @ 1K. I've checked out Sams, Costco, Ikea, PAtio1, Lowes, Home...
  24. rodog123

    New Pool - Pearland TX

    Well after interviewing multiple pool builders we have finally decided to take the plunge. We are still awaiting financing (should know something this week) Hope to be digging in February/March. 18' X 34' 873 sq ft of sun deck (331 existing patio) 12" raised wall 18" raised wall in the middle...
  25. rodog123

    Question about gutter spouts and sundeck/drain location

    I've been lurking on this sight for a while now and talked to some really great people! the knowledge I've picked up here has been very appreciated. :lovetfp: We are close to the approving the final design on our pool with 850 sq ft of Sun Deck. Should I add a drain and decking where a...
  26. rodog123

    1st pool quote.. Pearland TX.

    So after meeting with 2PB's we have our first quote! Please let me know if we are missing anything or thoughts. We plan on meeting with several other pool builders but here is our first quote. We have decided not to go with a SW pool. Pool: width 17' length 36' depths 3.5-->6' gallons 17K...
  27. rodog123

    Question about equipment brands

    Had a meeting with a PB that only uses Pentair equipment (pumps, filter, Kreepy Krauly robot, led lights, sanitizer) - I was told that Pentair was the best out of Jandy and Hayward. Is this true or is Pentair just the more expensive of the all three? I must say we were very impressed with PB...
  28. rodog123

    Hello from Pearland, TX

    Hello everyone, We are currently in the process of gathering info for a pool. Hopefully will be ready to build in late 2014! I'm grateful I found this website and will try my best to "soak up" all the knowledge I can. I'm located in Pearland TX, which is a suburb of Houston, TX...