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    Calcium on spillover/wall

    The spa wall had to be waterproofed inside / outside with an elastomeric waterproofing membrane (before tile / plaster) for exactly this reason.. that calcium is coming out of the spa wall cement.
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    Spa Bypass

    Added - I think that is what I have - run from 8:00am to 6:00pm at 2000rpm, IC60 -> 40% / 5%. Need to take a recent picture, with everything 2000rpm, the water runs very slowly down the spillway - not sure if it even aerates the water at all.
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    Spa Bypass

    Moved from here. "I suspect your pool builder put in a bypass so that the spa gets water to it when you are in Pool Mode. That is an old school method done by builders whom do not understand automation." Mine runs like this - how do you recommend I set the automation - assuming it can be done?