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    DYI vs Pbuilder

    for those of you that did diy was there cost savings? worth the headaches? i got a 'budget" for my build 40-45k from the PBer. i would assume i would be pulling the permits?
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    Need help: basic info before 1st build.

    the more i research lighting its taking me towards the heyward omnilogic. has the most color range compared to pentair and jandy. i know its something thats not a big deal but spending this kind of coin i want to beable to rep my college team colors for games. also seems like a lot is included...
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    Need help: basic info before 1st build.

    thanks they were helpful. we are thinking about a 15x35 no spa depending on easements. sun table, with spot for umbrella and bubblers we want that off to the side with the steps. so we have the entire 15x35 to swim. we also want 4' to 6/6.5' with a long shallow end. also was thinking a long...
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    Need help: basic info before 1st build.

    i'm new trying to figure out what i need/tell the PB to build. is their a basic check list for the equipment and what i should tell the PB? i've lived in florida my entire life never owned a pool. we are building a house and the builder has their own PB they use. i know its personal preference...