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  1. Sparks22

    New build - Dallas (Prosper)

    I like the design. My only concern is, how do you get into the spa? I'm tired so I might be over thinking it, but it seems like there could be a danger of slipping while trying to get into the spa since every side is an angled edge?
  2. Sparks22

    Waterfall pics

    You'll have to work for it (go through lots of posts), but this thread has lots of pool pics, some of which have waterfalls:
  3. Sparks22

    Intellicenter 12V Intellibrite LED wiring

    Got it, thanks all!
  4. Sparks22

    Intellicenter 12V Intellibrite LED wiring

    Jim, can you please expand on what you mean by this statement? Are you saying only the 120V Intellibrites should be used with the Intellicenter?
  5. Sparks22

    New construction in Houston, Tx **GUNITE**

    Agreed with @Stoopalini, that looks like suction from the pool to feed a pump. In one if your earlier photos you can just make out that it looks like a T between those two pipes.
  6. Sparks22

    New construction in Houston, Tx **GUNITE**

    That is amazing to go from nothing to gunite in 2-3 days! The only downside is it doesn't give you much time to look over everything. Make sure you double check everything as much as you can in the little time that you will have available.
  7. Sparks22

    Considering buying a house that I think had a pool at one to approach

    I have seen some people be able to look up satellite photos that are really old. You might see if you can find some older satellite photos after the date of the permit to see if a pool used to be there. I'm not sure how exactly to do that though, maybe someone else might have that knowledge.
  8. Sparks22

    New construction in Houston, Tx **GUNITE**

    Yeah looks a little weird now. Maybe fewer "ripples" on the curves.
  9. Sparks22

    Surge protector?

    Does a surge protector eat up a breaker spot or does it connect differently somehow?
  10. Sparks22

    Salt water pool or in line Chlorinator for vacation home pool

    You can automate your muriatic acid additions to the pool with a Stenner pump or IntelliPH (if using Pentair equipment). Not sure if it would be worth it if you are going to have a pool service come once a week, but that is an option.
  11. Sparks22

    Return Plumbing Concerns

    The 1.5" pipe is fine because you won't be trying to push high gallons per minute through return lines, you just want slow and steady. It is when you are trying to push high GPMs that you will start to quickly lose efficiency with a 1.5" pipe.
  12. Sparks22

    Pool, Spa and sheer decent water feature - 1 or 2 pumps

    You will need to be much more precise than "1-3 sheers" as the quantity/length is very important to the calculations. As an example, there is a very big difference between 1 sheer that is 12" long and 3 sheers that are 36" long each (the former needs approximately 12 gallons per minute while the...
  13. Sparks22

    Well worth the wait, complete pool overhaul.

    What tile did you use on the steps underwater?
  14. Sparks22

    Pool lighting suggestions? Microbrite VS IntelliBrite?

    Check out this thread for more detail. In a nutshell, according to Pentair, you want to aim for your total lumens from your lights to be 4 times the sqft of your pool. From the Pentair data sheet...
  15. Sparks22

    New Build - Austin, Texas - Plumbing Phase

    Oh, interesting thought, thank you. Never occurred to me that it might be because of the pressure test.
  16. Sparks22

    New Build - Austin, Texas - Plumbing Phase

    Plumbing is continuing to move along. Here are some progress pics of where they are so far. Probably another day or two of work for this phase. For the problem in the previous post, I ended up having them just run 2" pipe the rest of the way for the water sheers. I think that should be good...
  17. Sparks22

    New Build - Austin, Texas - Plumbing Phase

    They started plumbing today and already went off of the plan slightly. I have 3 36" water sheers. The installation guide says they need 36 GPMs each, and to use 1.5" piping if the runs are less than 60 feet from the pump and 2" pipes if the runs are over 60 feet (all of my runs over over 60...
  18. Sparks22

    New Owner Build West of Austin (near Hudson Bend)

    Check out this thread for some lighting discussion: Pentair IntelliBrite vs GloBrite vs MicroBrite One of the comments said that Pentair recommends your total lumens from your lights be 4 times your square footage. So rounding for you and say 1,000 sqft, that results in a target of 4,000...
  19. Sparks22

    New Owner Build West of Austin (near Hudson Bend)

    It is a free form pool, so for given dimensions you can't just multiply them together like a rectangle to figure out the area.
  20. Sparks22

    Lueder stone dusting

    My anecdotal reading from the forums is that there is a lot of trouble with Lueder stone due to how soft it is. Are there any success stories with people who have had Leuder for a long time?
  21. Sparks22

    New Owner Build West of Austin (near Hudson Bend)

    Our builder had no cost difference between Lueder and travertine for the coping. I'm sure there probably is an actual cost difference, but if the PB is rationale, that at least implies the two should be relatively comparable in cost.
  22. Sparks22

    How is my spa spillover plumbed???

    Any reason you don't want the SWCG to go vertical? I thought I had read in the manual that vertical was the preferred installation?
  23. Sparks22

    It’s happening...Tile and coping

    I wonder what the purpose of the 4 90 degree turns back to straight is inside the trench.
  24. Sparks22

    FG possibly in bedrock?

    Hitting rock around us is the norm (hard limestone). They just attach a giant jackhammer type device to the excavator and go to town. Just check to make sure when you get quotes that you ask if there is an extra cost if they hit rock or not.
  25. Sparks22

    New Build - Austin, Texas - Plumbing Phase

    Ha! Good job! I appreciate everyone's help as always!
  26. Sparks22

    New Build - Austin, Texas - Plumbing Phase

    Thanks Kim and Herman!
  27. Sparks22

    New Build - Austin, Texas - Plumbing Phase

    Rebar started today. I have a question for the construction experts. They overdug on our tanning ledge, so are trying to fix it with pulling the rebar out. How thick can the gap between the dirt and the rebar be before it becomes a problem? It seems to vary from about 16"-18" between the...
  28. Sparks22

    New Build - Austin, Texas - Plumbing Phase

    Huh. Very interesting idea about the bigger pump. I didn't realize that one existed. Thanks! More research to do!
  29. Sparks22

    New Build - Austin, Texas - Plumbing Phase

    Thanks r. You are pretty close on your hypothetical values. The slide needs 60 GPM and the sheers need 72 GPM, for a total of 132 GPM. I am guessing about 60 feet of horizontal pipe, 6 feet up for the slide, 3 feet up for the sheers, probably 5ish 90 turns. I don't know the calculation, but...
  30. Sparks22

    New Build - Austin, Texas - Plumbing Phase

    Ha! No worries! Thanks for all the help! It will be a Intelliflo VSF pump for those features. This is a quote of why it "won't" work from the Pentair rep: "If you set 2 intellivalves then there isn't enough flow. IE sheers set at 72 gpm and slide at 50 gpm, the pump will not run at 122 gpm...