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  1. AimeeH

    Possible hurricane on the way any tips

    Kim, I was looking for that original post to link to and couldn't find it. That why I posted the link above and pointed to this exact post ;) Thanks :)
  2. AimeeH

    Possible hurricane on the way any tips

    Hurricanes Post #4 in this thread is a very comprehensive list.
  3. AimeeH

    First time fighting algae and want to add DE

    ^^^^^^+1 I agree......I would never add DE while pool was still green. Only at the very end of the SLAM process. When water is fairly clear already.
  4. AimeeH

    First time fighting algae and want to add DE

    You can get DE in the pool section of Lowes where I live but it is a big box........maybe 20 pounds? To add DE to your sand filter, you likely won't need more than a cup or two at a time. I mixed it in a bucket with water so I could pour it as a liquid slowly into the skimmer. I think it took...
  5. AimeeH

    Alkalinity Creeping up?

    your Total Alkalinity number is really a guide to Haow well your water can buffer PH changes. If it's too high, your PH will tend to rise rapidly. And likewise your PH will/can crash if your TA is too low. If you find your PH is remaining stable at your current TA then you don't need to mess...
  6. AimeeH

    Mosoon rains causing cloudy water to super shock or not

    Welcome to TFP :) Rain isn't the cause of cloudiness in the water in a properly chlorinated pool but rather a chemical imbalance causeing the beginning of an algae outbreak. Normally the solution for that is to follow the SLAM process Shock Level And Maintain Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level...
  7. AimeeH

    Pool Green and Cloudy

    Welcome to TFP. :) Did you put a number in pool math for what your CYA is now? Pool math numbers are driven by current results supplied by you and target numbers supplied by you. From reading, you don't yet have a test kit, so that leaves you not truly knowing what your CYA is (generally don't...
  8. AimeeH

    Is my fc usage normal or is there something else going on?

    And I meant bump chlorine up to 10 in that last post. But also check your CYA :)
  9. AimeeH

    Is my fc usage normal or is there something else going on?

    If you're not fighting the start of an algae outbreak, low CYA could be to blame for higher FC loss. You might want to bump it up to 10 and do an OCLT to reassure yourself?
  10. AimeeH

    Is my fc usage normal or is there something else going on?

    What is your CYA level? It may be too low causing you to lose FC to the sunlight?
  11. AimeeH

    Bbb method

    Welcome to TFP :) Could you clarify your question? We refer to the TFP concept of keeping a troublefree pool by knowing and understanding your pool chemistry and only adding to the pool what the pool needs. Often consisting of bleach borax and baking soda for different adjustments but...
  12. AimeeH

    Best way to start up or shock for SWG

    OCLT= Overnight Chlorine Loss Test Chlorine gets consumed by two things basically. Organics in your pool and sunlight. By checking your FC after sunset and just before sunrise you can see if you're losing chlorine to organics (algae) but not sunlight. Little (less than 1 ppm) loss on the OCLT...
  13. AimeeH

    Best way to start up or shock for SWG

    I wouldn't. I would want to know my chlorine was where it needed to be and the SWG is slow to produce chlorine.
  14. AimeeH

    Issues with above ground 30ft by 48 to 52 inches

    Welcome to TFP :) We certainly can help you get your pool sparkly but you have to want to do a little bit of learning. We reccomend testing and balencing your water and not blindly putting what the pool store wanted to sell you this week. Here are some links you can read. The first is on...
  15. AimeeH

    Is this just regular pool chlorine?

    That's the million dollar question that can't really be answered. Your signature says 5600 gallon index, so you might be fine with the one case. Depends on how green the pool could need a lot more. :)
  16. AimeeH

    Is this just regular pool chlorine?

    That is chlorine in liquid form just like bleach but at a higher concentration :)
  17. AimeeH

    Slam and saltwater system?

    If your water is in need of clearing with SLAM process, yes you'll need additional chlorine. A SWG won't produce enough chlorine to keep you at shock level for your CYA if you have algae.
  18. AimeeH

    Starting Slam

    You do need to know your CYA in order to know what your FC target is for SLAM. You'll also want to get PH adjusted to 7.2.
  19. AimeeH

    Just curious, why saltwater vs chlorine?

    Karen, I have people tell me my saltwater pool feels really good on their skin vs the country club pool for instance. If you stick around here long enough you'll soon realize the huge difference in chlorinating public pool vs those maintained the TFP way. In other words my pool "feels" good...
  20. AimeeH

    Help please. It didnt look like this last time

    Mrmacdad12, I wouldn't mess with PH until FC is down. You can't get an accurate PH measure above 10ppm FC.
  21. AimeeH

    Raising free chlorine level

    Hi and welcome to TFP :) How are you testing your water? We reccomend testing with a good home drop based test kit. Like these Pool School - Test Kits Compared Also, have you had the chance to look at any of the articles in the Pool School link at the top of the page? By using a chlorinator...
  22. AimeeH

    What ones do i need HELP

    Welcome to TFP:) When you say it wasn't consistant, can you tell us how you were testing the water?
  23. AimeeH

    Black pool

    Hi welcome to TFP :) I have no experience in above ground installations but I would thing landscape could camouflage anything. Why not inground?
  24. AimeeH

    TADPOLES!!??!? you have got to be kidding me..HELP

    Proper chlorination will solve it ;)
  25. AimeeH

    Bugs in my pool. Please help D=

    Hi :) The problem isn't really the bugs. It's most likely algae in your pool. The answer to that is to go through the SLAM process. Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain You might want to start here. Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry The link to reccomended test kits was...
  26. AimeeH

    Algecide=cloudy water?

    You didn't post your CYA number. Just remember to never let FC drop below minimum for your CYA. Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart And for SLAM, make sure you pass all three tests before you lower chlorine. I've done this battle myself. Brush brush brush while at shock level. Look for algae...
  27. AimeeH

    Algecide=cloudy water?

    Well your chlorine is definitely too low and you have visible algae right? The cure for algae is here. Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain It a process not a one time addition. I'd reccomend staying away from the Algaecide as many contain copper which can cause other issues like...
  28. AimeeH

    Algecide=cloudy water?

    Hi there:wave: Could post up a set of test results and how you're testing. Not sure why Algaecide would cloud up water. But it also doesn't kill algae (read the fine print on the bottle), it is a preventative at best. It will help us help you if you could update your signature with your pool...
  29. AimeeH

    What is on the bottom of my pool and why does it come back everyday?!?!

    Please take a look here. has good value test kits. Pool School - Test Kits Compared
  30. AimeeH

    Cleaning recently drained above ground pool

    Welcome to TFP:wave: I would fill it up and follow the SLAM process. Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain But you'll want to start with this. Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry And get a good test kit as that is what we preach.....proper testing and balencing as needed. Pool...