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  1. applgrl

    Beware of Scott's Green Max Southern Lawn fertilizer

    Dunno how y'all feel about more manual yard labour but I use my Solo backpack sprayer: ( ... ayers.html ) to fertilize. You have to find a soluble liquid fertilizer for the tank but it is very sweet to use around the pool--the sprayer nozzles are...
  2. applgrl

    skinny dipping?

    Last time one of my sons caught me he said, "Thanks, Mom, now I'll have to go poke my eyes out...." :P
  3. applgrl

    Found a kitten in my skimmer

    thanks csigirl.....I'll look into it for my own dog. She currently climbs out on the ladder---freaky deaky to watch---but as she gets older I can see it's getting tougher for her and all that wet fur to make the climb. Every time I have guest dogs they always want to see if they can walk on...
  4. applgrl

    Found a kitten in my skimmer

    The best cats are the ones that find you. So glad your little meowler pulled through! Always gut-wrenching when some creature gets into the pool and can't get out. I discovered my niece's Pug sitting in the middle of my solar blanket one day, in a puddle of water, too scared to move to the...
  5. applgrl

    Hair Care, Body Products, and Pee

    Silly Rabbit----prepare yourself for old-er age now. Go to the pharmacy and get 3 men's urinal bottles, the kind with the closing cap, since you will have been drinking. Should get you thru the evening, and with any luck you should only have to climb one ladder rung to use them. Use the...
  6. applgrl

    How to keep your little swimmers from getting burnt?

    I have boys. Sigh. Flying tackle, pin 'em to the ground, spray one side, tickle-flip the kid, spray the other side, administer gooey treat or freezie pop to delay jumping into the water before the spray dries, repeat with remaining children. I do buy the expensive, aerosol sprays because they...