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    Wildlife issue

    Yes, it's much better in your plate than in your pool! Un petit civet de lapin? :cheers:
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    Fastest way to add large quantities of CYA?

    The sock technique in front of a return is great. If it's a cheap sock, you come back to a pool full of granules and an empty sock. Been there, done that.
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    At my wits end with Leslie's, hoping you can help

    Redo the CYA test. If it really is 100, you'll need way more chlorine to kill the algae which will be impractical so a partial water change will be required. Basically: - Check CYA - Replace a bit of water if too high - Maintain chlorine high enough and run pump 24/7 - At some point, once it...
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    To cover or not to cover...

    You've got young kinds? Fence the pool area... don't rely on the cover!
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    A photo of my Hayward Pool Equipment.

    Hmm, I'll definitely have to remove my cover this week-end then. I doubt my water is at 60 however. To get the pump started, pour a bucket of water in there so it doesn't run dry and close the lid shut, it should get it going. I'm surprised that bob recommended waiting until the water...
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    A photo of my Hayward Pool Equipment.

    Seems early to start it up, no? I was tempted to do the same but isn't still frozen underground where the pipes are which means they'll freeze unless the pump is running?
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    A photo of my Hayward Pool Equipment.

    The P4 is great when you install from scratch. I wanted cell so moving up from a regular SWG to a P4 + SWG wasn't much more, especially considering that it gives me an electrical subpanel in my shed for pool equipment which I can control from the kitchen with the wall unit I've installed in...
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    A photo of my Hayward Pool Equipment.

    I bought it from pool supply world. Panel + salt cell. The P4 is an electrical sub panel as well so in your case it may not be worth it. Last year, $630 for the P4, $525 for the salt cell.
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    A photo of my Hayward Pool Equipment.

    You forgot delivery charges and HST.. which pretty much double the gas price.
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    A photo of my Hayward Pool Equipment.

    We still don't have time-of-use rates in Ottawa so don't worry about it for now.. Running all week-end may be overkill too. My entire system runs from a Prologic P4 panel ... gement.cfm That thing is awesome and makes my life much easier.
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    A photo of my Hayward Pool Equipment.

    My pool is 8' deep (7.5' water line). Standard pool layout, not much shallow end but my 6 yo one spends his time in the deep end (and diving board!) and the youngest doesn't touch in the shallow end anyways.. I ran the heater maybe 5 - 10 hours throughout july and august, the solar blanket...
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    A photo of my Hayward Pool Equipment.

    I've got lots of pressure as well.. poolbuilders do their job properly or at least seem to. I may try to heat the pool this week-end.. the season is almost over. Not sure if the $50 of gas is worth it though lol.. The 2-3 degrees still seems incredible. Let's see 1 btu = 1 degree F...
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    sediment/pollon in pool, can't get it out!

    I'm still a pool noob but I'd tell you to brush the pool then shock it based on your CYA levels which you'll have to find out. Once shocking is done, vacuum (maybe use the thing that sticks all small particles together, floculant or whatever the name is) and then you should be out of the woods.
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    A photo of my Hayward Pool Equipment.

    Let me guess who the installer was: pool builders? ;) I'd recommend a rocky roller (purewater can get them). Not cheap but they work really well and make removing covers easier. I'm surprised that your gas bill was sol low and you can heat the pool so quickly. In my 20k gallon pool, it's...