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    Years of pucks got me here...Help! New results!

    Re: Years of pucks got me here...Help! Can you grain it in the sanitary sewer?
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    shocking for first time what to expect?

    Was is much cheaper than buying $10-20 of shock chemicals from the pool store?
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    Got my TF100. Ready to kill pool store tester.

    What bugs me is that the two pool stores I've used have the big fancy setups, pipets, magnetic stirrer (got one for the tf100, really useful), precise droppers and cylinders, .. but they still manage to screw up the readings badly. How is that possible?
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    Got my TF100. Ready to kill pool store tester.

    Finally got my TF100.. I really should have gotten that before (long story) but hey, now is better than never. I can't believe how off the pool store tests were and I adjusted my chemicals according to their results while trying to aim for the pool school guidelines for SWG with a CH slightly...
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    What to do until SWG kicks in?

    Pool store numbers are all over the place. I tried two pool stores and I knew that the numbers would differ but nowhere near the results I got. CYA = 100 at 1st pool store, 40 at the second one. Salt = 3100 vs 2900 (not too bad), and I forgot the others but I should post them just for...
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    What to do until SWG kicks in?

    Weather was nice last week and my SWG had kicked in.. I had put in some shock to give it a head start (FC went up to 5.0) but we had a really chilly week-end and my pool temp dropped to 47F, now back up to a "warm" 50F.. :roll: The SWG won't be back online until water hits ~60F (it's a...
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    CSI and cold water..

    If I had my test kit I could monitor my pool condition to see what's happening. We've got :rant: weather here these days and my pool temperature dropped from 63F down to 47F.. and the weather forecast doesn't look good this week, we'll get below freezing temperatures for another night or...
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    CSI and cold water..

    hmm.. with these numbers, an increase of 0.1 for the pH means an increase of .06 for the CSI which doesn't appear to be enough so I guess adding some TA would help at that point as you said. What I've noticed though is that if I aim to be at the perfect level for a vinyl lined pool, pH = 7.5...
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    CSI and cold water..

    I've noticed that on a pool with SWG, if we follow the guidelines from troublefreepool pool-school/water_balance_saltwater_generator the CSI will be quite low and to make it manageable, the PH has to be higher and do does the hardness. Temperature also makes a big difference, if you leave it at...
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    Pool store chemicals to raise TA?

    I've just stumbled on this thread.. after buying two pails of "Buffer" from the pool store to get my pool going. At $27 for 8kg of the stuff (and I needed 2 x 8kg), I guess it would have been cheaper to buy baking soda directly in bulk?
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    Ok, I want to test, but $68?!

    sheesh. you should see how much they sell it in Canada these days: $140 for the K2006.. simply ridiculous, especially with the $CDN and $USD which are pretty much at par. add ~13% sales taxes on it to make it worse and it's getting up there in terms of price..