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  1. applgrl

    How to make a 20x40 liner pool into a 16x36??

    Our pool (concrete) is 43 years old. You have my sympathies---they can be a bit of a white elephant. Have you considered finding a pre-fab fiberglass pool that would fit into your old pool? It's an idea we've tossed around many times in the past, but we don't live in a metropolitan area so...
  2. applgrl

    Unfilling a filled in pool

    Re: Newbie uncovering a filled-in pool Good! On! You! We're DIY'ers too but I think your head is a teensy bit harder than ours!! Your kids must think their dad is THE BOMB! (mom too, for going along!). I wanted to ask how you replaced the tile line at the top of the pool. Ours is starting...