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    Max "overhang" for concrete pool deck (vinyl pool)

    Woops, I've just realized that my reply never made it. THanks for the info Jason, I thought that the deck was mostly supported by the brackets since they are called "deck support" when you look at the Kafko litterature (My pool isn't kafko but similar)
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    Max "overhang" for concrete pool deck (vinyl pool)

    I've had some issues with the concrete deck near my diving board. It was installed with a sonotube to offer extra support but it appears that because of it the concrete was lifting with the frost thus it cracked pretty badly. The poolbuilder offered to fix this and work is now in progress as...
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    My AGP Build up in the great white north-Hot Tub & Deck*NEW*

    Re: My AGP Build up in the great white north-New DeckBuild P what the ****, you're in saskatoon and the pool is already running while here in ottawa we're freezing our asses with rain this week !
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    Equipment Placement

    Why not route gas + electrical main through the house crawl space / basement / or whatever you've got down there so that it reaches the other end of the house? That's what I did for my gas line
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    What are the MUST haves for your pool?

    It depends on what you're into.. I honestly couldn't care less about a tanning ledge but on the other hand I really enjoy our diving board. My sons enjoy it even more... My P4 panel makes my life easy and so it my TF100 test kit. I had a pool robot (Irobot verro) but sent it back to Costco...
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    DIY IGP on a Budget

    If you can not afford it you may want to wait a bit because there WILL BE surprises along the way and it would suck to have the pool half complete for a year because you're waiting to find some money to pursue the build.
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    Concrete Deck Question

    What do you seal it with? Doesn't it become slippery?
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    Anyone have a sand caremel color liner? What do you think/

    Re: Anyone have a sand caremel color liner? What do you thi and based on the threat title, tan liners cause ladder corrosion! Stay away from them! :lol:
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    Finally starting to fix winter damage

    How do they fix coping like this? Isn't it the type that has some kind of lip that goes in concrete so that it's held in place properly?
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    20x40 or 18x36 Rectangle????

    When I was pool shopping, my wife wanted as much shallow water as possible and did not see the point in having an 8' deep end (she isn't that great of a swimmer and was afraid of water when she was young). The pool builder referred us a client to see how nice of a job he did and the first thing...
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    New Pool Construction

    But won't it do the same thing next year? Unless the source of the problem has been taken care of?
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    New Pool Construction

    What's the plan for the frost heave issue? When I had my pool build I though (naively!) that it was a simple construction but it really is like building a house: one problem after another!
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    Is a Pool SLide Worth it?

    If you were your kids, would you like a slide? there. that's your answer. With a pool, it's never a case of "worth the extra cost". A pool is something you buy to enjoy (and enjoy with the kids!) so if you can afford space and $$$, why not add a slide?
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    New Pool Design Tips

    Nice.. I don't know much about pool design (not enough $$$ and not enough backyard space) but the pool seems to shallow and there seems to be a bottleneck between shelf and spa. The shelf also seems like a waste of space. note: I'm from where we only have a 4 month pool season if we're...
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    24 ft AGP remove old and in with the new.

    You should really paint the new pool baby-blue.. it would bring back memories. ;)
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    DIY Pool Project

    Since when has anyone been able to do a pool and meet budget? :lol: You know how it is, there are always surprises and once you've started it's too late to go back..