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    1st year opening my pool with a Loop-Loc Mesh Safty Cover

    Re: 1st year opening my pool with a Loop-Loc Mesh Safty Cove Can you update this thread next week to tell me if you prefer the mesh to the tarp & water bags? I hate the tarp & water bags because they leak and are a pain to deal with but the mesh safety cover is $$$...
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    How high can the water get on top of winter cover?

    And in my case, that Dang cover either wants to fly away until there's enough water on it or there's some air in one spot that once in rains a lot it creates a fold that sinks in the pool and wants to pull the remainder of the cover with it especially in the areas where the water bags were...
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    Solar cover: what to do with it?

    On my solar blanket? A cheap tarp that I cut to fit and sealed with duct tape. Far from a waterproof seal but it should keep most of it out..
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    Aquadoor - leaking

    Why not pour antifreeze in the skimmer as well? It's heavier than water so the bottom will definitely not freeze.
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    Blowing out lines to floor pop-ups and main drain

    10' of water = 4.4psi.. so 20psi on the compressor should do it. I did what my pool builder told me to do and pour a jug of antifreeze down there. I also blew the line as much as I could before with a 5hp shop vac.. then closed the valve. All these threads are worrying me though..
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    Solar cover: what to do with it?

    I've got a big solar cover and a rocky roller. I've rolled the clean cover on the roller and wrapped it with a tarp but what should I do for winter? I was thinking of removing the ends of the roller to protect them from winter (storing them in shed) and leaving the cover + tube on the deck all...
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    "Free closing"

    Not even 1/2 jug to pour in the pump? It keeps the seal wet all winter..
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    Winterizing bottom drain in Canada.

    Hmm the pool store where I attended the "how to close your pool" seminar told us that antifreeze is heavier than water so pouring that in the main drain is useless. I guess I'll have to test this..
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    Winterizing bottom drain in Canada.

    So antifreeze is useless? That's what my poolbuilder did last year, poured a jug of antifreeze down the main drain (through the pump). Would a 5hp shopvac be strong enough to blow the main drain line?
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    1st time pool closing

    :roll: Did you forget how it works? Once you close the pool after 2 weeks of cold weather, you get a few weeks of super nice swimming weather and say "I wish I had closed it later". :-D
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    Blowing out the skimmers on IGP -- blowing from the pump

    I must be missing something. Don't you have to lower the water to below the returns? That means lower than the skimmer so water going back in should be a non issue, no?