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  1. applgrl

    My user name says it all!

    If your CYA is indeed 97 :!: then this explains your twelve days of aggravation. According to the grid in Pool School, at 100 CYA you need a FC (free chlorine) level of 39 to shock---you will never get there in all practicality. Bottom line about stabilizer: a little is really good, a lot is...
  2. applgrl

    New IG pool owner, looking for plumbing best practices?

    Can't help you with the plumbing, but I'd put a garden hose in and get a gravity-fed suction going to get some of the water off the cover. (if you have enough slope to get the siphon started...) A garden hose will very slowly drain the cover, water your grass, and make it easier to get down to...
  3. applgrl

    Pucks in the skimmer

    I use pucks in the skimmer, but with the following conditions: 1) We completely drain our gunite pool every spring, several weeks before we want to use it. 2) After filling, the solar blankie goes on and stays on while the pool warms; I keep 2 pucks in each basket. I monitor the chlorine...
  4. applgrl

    Vacuuming with a trash pump

    We rent a trash pump with a 3" hose every year: our pool is concrete and has no bottom drain. It takes us about 6-8 hours to completely drain 38,000 gallons, so it's incredibly efficient if you have somewhere for all that water to go. The biggest concern you would have is making sure that...
  5. applgrl

    Beginner. Empty pool need to start the system and fill pool

    Re: Beginner. Empty pool need to start the system and fill Oh yeah, forgot one thing about lowering the water level: don't do it. The plaster needs water supporting it or it will dry out and chip off. Look for a floating pool alarm instead if you are worried about kids, dogs, and drunks.
  6. applgrl

    Beginner. Empty pool need to start the system and fill pool

    Re: Beginner. Empty pool need to start the system and fill Actually, your pool looks pretty good! I have an older pool (gunite) and your plaster looks similar. As the gunnite ages, it does yellow and if some of the top flecks off I can see how bright white it once was. My tips: 1--agree DO...
  7. applgrl

    Best tile and stainless cleaners/methods

    I would use gloves if you are using magic erasers frequently. They have no chemical but are like a super-fine sandpaper, which will do a real number on your hands if you use them under water and apply lots of pressure--removes skin and you end up with a red burn. I do like them for greasy dark...
  8. applgrl

    CYA increased by 35ppm using two 3" Tri-Chlor pucks

    Couple did you broadcast the CYA into your pool at the beginning of the summer? And then how did you broadcast the M/A before you saw the stabilizer level jump? Thinking you may have had some undissolved crystals of CYA somewhere in your system (likely the sand filter), and...
  9. applgrl

    Pool is eating my chlorine- still tests at zero!

    When my pool has "swamped up" in the past, I've had to use up to 2 x 7 kg pails of shock (stabilized granules) to get on top of things. I have a bit more water. The thing that helped me the most is: --brush the walls if this is a concrete pool. Algae gets embedded in the texture and until you...