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    Heat Pump vs Gas Heater in Southern Ohio?

    Hi. My Heater is a Jandy Pro Series JXI 260,000 BTU. I believe it is over sized for my pool of about 13,500 gallons which is what I wanted. I couldn’t break out the gas cost of the heater from everything on my bill.
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    Heat Pump vs Gas Heater in Southern Ohio?

    I live in pittsburgh. And had a heat pump for 4 years. It takes way too long to heat the water and does not work well when the nights get cool. I switched to a gas heater and there is a world of difference. The gas heater can raise the tempeture 2 to 3 degree per hour and I can start it the day...
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    Fiberglass vs Vinyl

    For whatever it’s worth, I have had a Viking Fiberglas pool for 9 years and it still looks like new. It has an auto cover on it which helps.
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    Pool math logs not found

    I used the pool math premium app in april and had 3 logs. Today the app says there are no logs. Can this be fixed ?? Thanks
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    Cal Hypo Tabs / switching from liquid bleach

    The Sustain pool care system is a ca-hypo system. You can learn all about it at Sustain Pool Chemicals | The easy way to keep algae away. I use it and like it.
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    New Pool/ kids safety product recommendations

    Just to add to my description above, the pool fence blocks off access to the pool from the house, patio and yard. The only thing inside the pool fence is the pool and pool decks , pool shed an space around the pool.
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    New Pool/ kids safety product recommendations

    We have 6 grandkids so we put in the auto cover as well. Great choice. The fence we put in was a fence approved for pools as far as height and not being able to be climbed. The most important part of the fence was that it completely blocks access from the house and patio to the pool. It also...
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    New pool in Wexford, PA!

    To comment on the above, yes an automatic pool cover and a fence that cuts off any acces to house is great when you have kids. We put in a pool in 2011 with an auto cover and extra metal fence to block off access from our house and patio to pool. With 6 grandkids, we felt much safer that way...
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    LED Pool Light Trouble

    That has happened to me because water gets into the fixture and the Led goes bad. Based on my experience you should call an electrician who has experience with pool lights.
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    New Fiberglass pool Indiana and snow is coming before we get cover on. !!

    I have had a fiberglass pool for 6 years and havethe auto cover but always have a few leaves in the pool when i open it up in the spring and have never had the leaves stain the fiberglass. I woud not use a tarp but maybe buy one of the inexpensive winter pool covers with the water bags to...
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    Bonding Grid

    I don,t know the answer to your question but I had some bonding work done and it was not inspected and this was a big concern for me. I then had an electrician who had the knowledge and equipment to do testing and give me a written report and then he brought in the electrical inspector who asked...
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    Fiberglass pool build in Ohio

    I have used my auto cover as a winter cover in pittsburgh for 6 years and just replaced the material. It does fine with the weight of the snow. One thing to wacth out for is that when you leave the pump on the cover over the winter to pump out water which you should do, sometimes as the snow...
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    New build in PA

    Looks like a wonderfull pool.. i have had a pool in pittsburgh for 6 years and have had a heat pump which i got rid of for a gas heater which works much better here and is much more useful for last minute pool parties. Just a thought for tou.
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    Fiberglass pool leak

    I had a leak in my fiberglasspool when first installed that was hard to find and it ended up to be a leak where the skimmer fitted to the fiberglass shell right where the skimmer door is. They calked the joint there and it has been fine since. It might be a good idea to checck there and calk...
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    Electric versus Gas Heaters

    I live in pittsburgh. And had a heat pump for 4 years. It takes way too long to heat the water and does not work well when the nights get cool. I switched to a gas heater last year and there is a world of difference. The gas heater can raise the tempeture 2 to 3 degree per hour and I can...
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    Fiberglass vs gunite. Newbie!

    I have a 5 year old Viking Carmel fiverglass pool 14x30. I think the fibrrglass looks great, very smooth, easy to take care of and shows no wear. I have the tile around the top 6 inches of the pool which tends to hide any water lines etc. The most importsant thing about fiberglass pools is...
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    I just wanted to add a few more helpful opinion items. If you would happen to go with fiber glass pool it is important to note hat the length and width dimensions are from outside edge to edge so a 14 foot wide fiberglass pool only has about 12 feet 9 inchs of real width. If you have the room...
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    I took a look at Artitic's web site. Their hybrid concrete pools sound facinating. Is that what you ar looking at?
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    I have used and liked pool & spa outlet in cannonsburg for a fiberglass pool which is now 5 years old and still looks brand new. Fred Cerminara is the owner. I have also used and liked Del Suppo pools from Donora pa. buster del suppo was great to deal with.
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    Stand alone Hot Tub - inside or outside? Propane?

    I have a pool and seaparate hot tub, and would reccomend that you buy a separate hot tub from the pool from a company like PDC spas and place it outside under the stars on a concrete pad. These use 220 volt heaters s built into the spa . My wife and i use it all winter in pittsbrgh
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    Fiberglass Pool Hollow sound

    I have a 5 yr old Viking fibergl pool backfilled with sand, and the first two steps clearly sound like there is nothing underneath. Sounds hollow. It has not caused any issues. These shells are pretty strong. My pool dealer has a 14 by 30 fiberglass shell on display set up on its side ,just...
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    Considering purchasing used HP600 Heat Pump, please help

    I am getting rid of my heat pump and getting a gas heater". My heat pump needs repaired almost every season and does not work well when we have cool fall pa nights. At 60 degrees outside temp it is useless.
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    Spa Cover Recommendations

    I just bought an acculok cover for my pdc spa. It is worth a look at their web site because the cover has sides with no split in the middle. So far it seems like a great cover.
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    Optimum temp for a heated pool

    I have seen articles that say competitive swimming should be at 78. Recreational for me is 82 to 84.
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    Hot tub not getting oxidized by ozone thingy

    I have had my ozone generator disconnected for 6 years. I just use bromine tablets and non chlorine shock and get really good water quality.
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    Pool Properly Closed?

    It doesn't sound good. I have had the pool store close my fiberglass pool with a Hayward cartridge filter for several years and then this year I bought the same blower they use and did it myself. I don't believe that adding antifreeze from the pool side without blowing the water out of the...
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    Recommended Heat Pump Size for 20x40 inground pool

    Based on 4 years experience with heat pump I would go with a gas heater. My heat pump does not work well at 60 degrees and takes all day to Heat the pool a few degrees
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    Heat Pump or Natural Gas Heater

    we live in pittsburgh pa . i have had a heat pump for 4 years and am changing to natural gas. heat pumps are expensive, noisy and don't do much even at 60 to 65 . thsy take all day to raise the water afew degrees and we have had 3 services calls on the unit .
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    Pool Light in winter. Am I overly concerned?

    i live in pittsburgh pa and we only drain the pool to about 2 inches nelow he skimmer opening so that leaves the lights much deeper and perhaps to deep to freeze. we still blow out the return lines but they are underwter when we see air coming out and plug them
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    It's been a while - Revisiting topic of Heat Pumps

    i live in pittsburgh pa and have had a heat pump for 4 years. I am going to switch to a gas heater. heat pumps take a very long time to warm up the water and usually do not work well at all when the air temp is 65 or below. hope this helps