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    Ants on concrete pool deck

    The first time in the past few year noticing ant hills on concrete pool deck. Did some search on the internet was scared to see ants can eat through liner, although it is rare. How do I take care the ant problem? About to close the pool in three weeks. Thanks.
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    More evaporation this year in Massachusetts?

    Can my fellow TFPers in Massachusetts share your pool water loss this year? I am currently losing 1/4 in per day. Definitely more than last year. But based on what I read here, 1/4 in per day is not abnormal. Still want to check to see if you have experienced similar situation this season so...
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    pool water is slightly cloudy

    A quick question about water chemistry. My pool water is slightly cloudy (I mean slightly). I may just live with it. But like to hear advice from TFP. Here is my chemistry: Free chlorine: 6ppm Combined: 0 PH: 7.5 (added MA yesterday. I am adjusting pH every week, SWG brings pH up rapidly)...
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    pH change

    I seem to have a little trouble maintaining pool pH. All numbers are reasonable except pH. It was 7.8 three days ago so I added about 30 oz MA. It is around 7.8 again today. I know it is sometimes hard to manage pH with SWG. Is that normal to add MA so frequently? Am I missing something else...
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    Increase CYA

    Opened the pool two weeks ago and CYA was slightly below 30. So I bought one gallon of liquid stabilizer which should increase CYA by 12 ppm based on the calculation. Added 7am in the morning, 7 hours later CYA still reads at 30. Am I doing something wrong? Searched forum, people seem to be...
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    High phosphate level

    Opened the pool last Friday. Brought water to the pool store for testing. One thing surprised me was the high phosphate level at 2500 ppb. The normal value should be below 100. the guy in the store tried to sell me phosphate-free stuff. But being a member of TFP for a couple of years, I got used...
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    IC40 "low salt" light at opening

    Opened pool last Friday. it has been 4 days, and my IC40 still shows low salt red right. Brought my water to the pool store, the salt level is at 3000. The pool water is around 60F. Is that because of low temp?
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    sta rite system 3 filter leak

    Hi, Just opened the pool yesterday by PB. This morning, I noticed the equipement pad under my sta rite system 3 filter is wet. It turned out it leaks under one clamp. I switched clamp to rule out the clamp issue. It still leaks. So what should I do next? Thanks.
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    Pool ladder cleaning before install

    Hello, i had some difficulty to remove my SS ladder last winter. You can see those white gunk on the part of ladder where gets inserted into the casing on the deck. I wonder how to clean the pool ladder before the install. I do have salt pool. thanks.
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    A dump question about pump after closing

    This is a really dump question. My pool was close a few weeks ago. The pump was drained, and the drain plug was saved. Now, what I noticed is there are always some condensation under the pump lid. I removed the lid, wiped out. After a couple of hours, you can see the condensation starts to...
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    Main drain blow out at closing

    I hired the same company doing the closing a few days ago. I have 2 skimmers, one MD, and 2 returns. The skimmer lines and MD lines piped individually to the front of pump. As usual, the tech blew through one of the 2 skimmers. and closed in the order of the other skimmer, 2 returns and the...
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    Filter pressure going down

    I noticed my filter pressure has been going down since the pool opening. Average 1 psi every 2 weeks. Since it is not dramatic change, I haven't paid too much attention. But interesting too see where to start for my investigation. so far I make sure skimmer basket is clean. I also checked the...
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    Air bubble under pump lid

    I have been tracing the air bubble under pump lid for entire season. 1. Every time when I started the pump, there are some air coming in. It took 4,5 min for them to be purged out. During the normal operation, there are always tiny air bubble here and there under pump lid, but nothing major...
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    Pool stairs corrosion

    I have difficulty to remove the pool rails. PB told me they can drill those out and install new bronze ones would be around $250. DOes this make sense? any other way a home owner can do easily. Thanks.
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    Question about pool rail

    We got some rain yesterday, so this morning I spent some time cleaning the pool deck, getting rid of pine needles and leaves.... Interesting I heard some water moving sound inside of pool rail. So I took off the cover at the bottom, and I noticed the water bubbled up. It stops after 30 seconds...
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    Bucket test accurate?

    I have been studying water evaporation recently, which points me to consider how accurate of bucket test. One of of the key contributors to pool evaporation is the temp difference between pool water surface and air. Let's assume water temp at night is 80F and the temp is 60F. This will create...
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    Air bubble when main drain valve closed

    I am having some imbalanced skimmer issues. So I played with vavles these days. I have three vavles in front of pump, one for main drain, two for skimmers. Once i I close main drain vavle, there will be some consitent air bubbles. Once it is open, no more air bubbles. Why this happens...
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    Possible leak?

    After owing pool for over a year, first time feel I might need to deal with pool leak, which was one of the key concerns when I bought this house. did bucket test a couple times. Water in bucket barely move after 12-24 hours, but pool water level dropped 1/16in to 1/8in. Called my PB, he didn't...
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    Pool blaster max for salt vinyl pool

    I am about to buy pool blaster max. But before that, just confirm with TFP friend it works with vinyl liner and salt pool. thanks.
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    My pool is not perfect blue and clear

    it has been a month since I opened the pool. The pool is clear. But look at the deep end, it is not perfect clear as before. Always feel it is very slightly cloudy. I checked the chemistry regular using K2006. FC 3.5 CC 0 Ph 7.8-8.0 TA 150 CYA 40 Salt level somewhere 3800-4000 Filter...
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    Filter gauge question

    A really dump question. I have sta rite system 3 cartridge filter. Today I noticed there are some air bubbles in the pump basket, so I opened the gauge valve, and it took about 30 sec to have a strong steady stream coming out from the gauge. All good. An hour later, I cleaned the pump basket...
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    Salt level in Vinyl pool

    The PB added 4 bags of salt when opening the pool, and the salt reading was 4000 ppm. Was told it was perfectly fine. Is that correct? Checked some articles, each gives different ranges. Thanks.
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    Skimmer may not work properly

    I have two skimmers. The one at the shallow end works fine, and picks up lots of pine needles. The one on the deep end picks up less. I closely looked at two skimmers. I can see the water gets into the shallow end one creating the ripples. But for the other one, the ripples come and go...
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    4 days after opening - a little cloudy pool

    I opened my pool on Friday. It has been 4 days now. Here is the chemistry using taylor kit: FC: 8 CC: 0 CYA: 50 PH: 7.4 TA: 140 Pool is overall blue, but still a little cloudy. What should I do now? Just wait and let filter work? Thanks.
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    Can I use last year's liquid chlorine

    Just found out two gallons Leslie liquid chlorine in the shed from last summer. Can I still use them or have to get rid of them? I know the strength will be weaker. I am just afraid it will create some damage to the pool by using old liquid chlorine. Thanks.
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    Salt bag is leaking water

    My PB opened my pool today and left 4 bags of salt. He asked me to wait until next cleanup to add the salt. The problem is water is dripped from the bottom of one bag. The wood floor in my shed is covered by water just after a few hours. So what should I do? Can I add the salt now even the pool...
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    Water stain around pool deck

    A very dump question. We closed the pool a few weeks ago. No rain since 3 days ago. I suddenly noticed the water stains around the pool in some areas, as shown in the pic. I am sure no one dump water there. So curious where the water comes from. I am afraid of the leak if the water is from...
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    water level management after closing

    Hi, our pool was closed a few weeks ago and we have a loop loc mesh cover. When the pool was closed, PB didn't lower the level, basically it is in the middle of skimmer. The reason was to maintain the water a few inches above the top stairs since I have vinyl pool. Now we had some rainy...
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    Water level at closing with Loop loc mesh cover

    Got pool closed yesterday. My PB didn't lower the water level. It is still in the mid of skimmer box. He told me he needs to make sure the first stair is covered by water. Make sense to me :) My question is if I have to do sth over the winter, such as draining the water. Currently the water is...
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    IC40 low salt light red

    Just noticed today the low salt red light is on. PB checked the salt level a week ago saying fine. It has been good entire summer. The water temp is 61F today. Could low water temp trigger the red low salt light? thanks.