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    Leak at vinyl junction

    Hi, My in-laws have a pool in France which has been losing water since last season. The leak seems to take place at the junction between the vinyl liner and the fiberglass stairs. At the end of last season, I went and used a special silicone that can cure under water, specifically designed for...
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    SWCG installation in vacation house

    Hi! My in-laws own a vacation house in the south of France. There is a pool there which has been managed using the pool store "1 puck a week" method for as long as it existed. Last year, the pool turned green 2 times, which helped me convince my in-laws to to things the TFP-way. The problem...
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    Video about Pee in Pools :)

    Hey! Mark Rober just released a video about urine in pools i I thought it might interest people over here : S32y9aYEzzo I particularly liked the experiment about chloramines and smell :)
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    strength in Chlorometric degrees

    Hi ! I would like to know with a little more depth what strength is the chlorine I add to my pool. I live in Belgium and they display the strength of the chlorine in degrees (°) as shown here : They also sell 50°...
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    Reducing CYA, the Tarp method

    Hi guys, Recently I found out that my CYA level was way too high, somewhere between 250 and 300. Having to replace around 80% of the water, doing it in one go would be too dangerous for my old vinyl liner, and multiple drain and refills would waste a lot of water. Searching on the forum for...
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    What should I do now?

    Hello, I am new to the forum and ordered a test kit a week ago, but the delivery is slow and I should get it next week hopefully. In the meantime, I went to the pool store(:rolleyes:) as I wanted to know what my water was at, the test strips I use now were giving inconsistent result, and I knew...
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    Hello from Belgium

    Hi, I'm new on the forum and a new pool owner. The house we bought has a semi in-ground, 35,000 L (8.5k gallons) pool. I first browsed the french speaking pool community and was very confused by the diverging advises I got there. They seem much more oriented towards the pool store method...