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    DIY Solar Heater

    Hi there. My husband is in the process of making a DIY solar heater for our pool because the solar cover is not always enough. So my question is he wants to buy a submersible DC pump. Though he has not been able to find one that is okay in chlorinated water. Does anybody have any ideas? Because...
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    Chlorine vs PH vs Alkalinity vs CYA

    Hi everyone. I have a question about closing my pool. My Chlorine is high. 10+ range The PH is extremely low (6.4-ppm) and the alkalinity is pretty much non existent. The CYA i around 100 ppm Can I still close the pool and not have to adjust????:confused:
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    Hello. Everyone

    Hi there. I just wanted to say thank you to the couple of people that answered my post a couple of months ago. I was not sure about what to do because I didnt want to screw up a new pool. I didn't want to use the horribly priced "regular" pool chemicals. I was leaning towards the BBB method...
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    Conflicted and don't want to make the wrong decision,,,,,,,,,please help

    Hello. We are buying a pool and I am the one that will be taking care of it. I am looking at the chemical/cleaning products. From everything I have been reading I think I am going to be using the BBB method. BUT, I have a couple of questions. The place we are purchasing our pool from recommends...