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    Testing results...switching from pristine to chlorine

    It's been 10 days with no pristine... Ph 7.3 TA 50 Calcium 400ppm I have liquid chlorine and tabs. I used to have a floater with tabs and would shock every 2-3 weeks or as needed. How much chlorine should I add?
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    Ugh...I decided to try Pristine Blue

    Hello everyone, I've had pools all my life. We currently have an inground 30,000 gallon with a new liner 2 months ago. I've always used liquid chlorine and NEVER had a problem. I decided to try Pristine for its "health" benefits. Since day 2 all of the white in the pool turns yellowish. I've...
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    Pristine blue whoes...

    Hello Everyone, Grew up around pools, always used liquid chlorine. Have a 18x30 pool now which just 6years old, just replaced liner and thought it would be a good idea to try Pristine Blue. Nothing but problems. Everything is yellow and I spent a fortune. Looking for the best way to switch...