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    Pentair LED circa 2015 troubles

    We have 6 old pentair leds that are used to illuminate our pool bench area. They are the small ones. They all have water droplets inside the lens. I can get them to show some colors but on some colors they go off. Also, if I set them to all blue, some are blue and some are green and some are...
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    Intellichem IC40 blinking green light when salt level is fine

    The Salt Level led is blinking green which means high salt level. The salt level is at 3680 which I don't think should be registering as high. I did an acid wash of the cell to see if that could be the issue but it is still blinking green. The salt generator is still producing chlorine. Could...
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    Intellibrite light comes on then goes off

    I have 6 Intellibrite LED lights in the pool. One of the lights turns on with the rest of the lights but after about 5 seconds it turns off. When you look at it you can see three red LED lights dimly lite in the unit. The rest of the lights are working perfectly. Do you think this is a unit...
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    pentair rainbow autochlorinator not working?

    I have loaded the chamber with chlorine tablets and have set the setting on the unit to the highest yet I am not building up any FC. I checked the chamber and it doesn't appear that water is circulating through the chamber. Could the flow valve be clogged? How can I check? Thanks. Tom
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    programming EasyTouch Led lights

    We have one circuit for pool lights and another circuit for water feature lights. I have been trying to set the pool lights to Blue and the water feature lights to Red. I went into the EasyTouch programming and in the lights menu went to configure and for each circuit I set the color that I...
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    sand deposits in plaster

    We have a new unite IG pool with plaster surface. After the plaster was done the PB started the fill process. I brushed daily but after about three days we noticed that some sand deposits had formed on the bottom. They look like dirt that you normally could just brush or vacuum up. However...
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    Hello from Houston

    What a great site. I am new owner of a pool and this site has been a tremendous resource. Thanks.